Friday 4 October 2013 review - Country Heart Ceramic Jug

When it comes to this time of year I go into hibernation/nesting mode. I want to make the house look as nice and homely as possible, after all I will be spending most of my time sat in front of the fire looking out at the gloomy weather so its worth investing in a few nice bits to warm up the house. 

I was contacted by and was asked if I was interested in looking at their website and sampling an item. This was perfect timing and once I had a quick peek at the website I was sold, shabby chic at its best - my favorite! 

I chose this really sweet jug which I knew would look nice with a single rose or a small bunch of flowers. Polka dots, flowers and hearts, whats not to like? 

Of course I tested it out in a few places around the house, its home is now on the fireplace in the lounge. 

I am always a bit cautious about purchasing items like this online, I am never confident that the item will arrive in one piece. The jug however was sufficiently wrapped and secure in the box so no problems there.

So now I have my first piece from whats next? well I have had a good snoop around the website and I really like the vintage bathroom accessories, signs and frames (see below). The only downside is that there is too much choice! I want to buy it all! ah well it is Christmas soon......

Visit  to view the whole range or click here to take you directly to the jug  

Monday 2 September 2013

Recent Favourites

I have not written a favourites post for some time now so I have decided to write up on a few recent favourites (from the past 6 weeks or so!)

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Mineral Hair Rescue Masque

As I am back to blonde I need to regularly moitsurise my hair with a deep treatment or masque. I was drawn to the new Charles Worthingon Salon at Home range mainly because it claims to give a salon like treatment at home. Intrigued to know whether this was the case or not I purchased for a try. It leaves my hair feeling really smooth and soft but most of all I love the scent, I can still smell it on my hair after it has dried. I wouldnt quite say its a `Salon at Home' experience but its close.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution

I have already reviewed this here. I love this as it removes all makeup before I cleanse. Its light, fragrance free and does the job. I have almost ran out so I need to go and repurchase, or do I now try Bioderma? 

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Sensual Blush

On my last trip to the states I went for a quick peek in Victoria's Secret. I did not realise they did such as large range of bodycare & fragrance items, heres me thinking it was just undies. I chose a body mist in Sensual Blush, a lovely sweet floral scent, to be honest its hard too choose which one to pick!
 I love to spritz this all over after a shower in the morning and a good item to have in your bag for a quick spray throughout the day. My husband will be going to the states soon so a few more of these will be on the list!

Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap

I have tried this soap in the past and when I spotted it in Boots I had to buy it. If you suffer with body impurities then this good for giving the skin on your back & chest a really good cleanse. It also leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft, not drying at all. Its also really nice to use after a body scrub - defo recommend  

Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Round Pads

Its a bit of an odd one but hey a favourites a favourite. I usually buy the cheapest cotton wool pads I can find after all cotton wool is just cotton wool right? wrong! I find that the beauty products I use work better with a higher quality pad, for example these ones have two different sides depending on what you want to use them with.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Not only has this brush made it to my favourites but it is also my favourite brush. It has made foundation application a lot easier and leaves a nice finish, no orange streaks here! This is my first Real Techniques brush, I now want to try some of their eye brushes too - any suggestions?

Sunday 1 September 2013

Week in Pictures

Well its been a busy few weeks, I have been in and out of hospital so not many pics from me this week - a week of hospital pics wouldn't be too exciting now would it! I did however take a snap of my lovely hospital gown - oh what style...

1 & 2 - John Frieda Everlasting Blonde review see here
3 & 4 - Topshop nails in AWOL see here
5 & 6 - MAC Lipglass in Kiss Kiss see here
7) my lush hospital gown 8) New skirt - bought in the sale from Bank

Friday 30 August 2013

Topshop Nails in AWOL - Feeling Blue

I am not normally partial to a blue nail varnish, the thought of it brings me back to my teenage years (along with bright blue mascara!) However whilst in Topshop I was drawn to this electric blue shade of varnish called AWOL. There are so many nice shades in Topshop at the mo, I think I will be going back to purchase Adrenalin & Drink Pink.

To be all matchy matchy, I bought this ring from Primark for £2.99 

How do you feel about blue nails? I know that Essie & Barry M also have some very nice blue shades, have you tried it yet?

Also, do you like to match nails with jewellery/accessories or do you think its a bit too matchy matchy? for me, I quite like to co-ordinate! I found some pics below for inspiration. Although its not co-ordinated, I love the big pic at the bottom with the tattoos & piled up jewellery - I want to recreate this! minus the tattoos though, I am not quite brave enough :) 

Wednesday 28 August 2013

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving Shampoo & Conditioner Review

One of the tricky things with coloured hair is the maintenance to keep it looking great. When its time to do my roots I give a sigh of relief when the jobs done and my hair is bright, glossy & back on form. Its only when I have my hair coloured that I realise how lacklustre it had become and looks a bit, well, dull.

I am a bit of a fan of John Frieda hair products and when I heard that they had brought out a new shampoo & conditioner from the Sheer Blonde range I was keen to try them. The latest addition to the range is a colour preserving duo called Everlasting Blonde which helps to keep your hair looking as if it had been freshly coloured. 

The idea is to use this shampoo & conditioner at least three times a week to maintain a freshly coloured look. I wash my hair everyday, tut tut, but I absolutely have to because otherwise my hair looks vile as my hair type is greasy - enough said. I had been using the John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo & conditioner but have recently switched it to the Everlasting Blonde to give my hair a colour boost. 

I am due to have my next colour top up, however if it was not for the roots coming through I would be really happy with the colour as it is. I have found that this duo has actually brightened my blonde locks and has helped to keep the colour fresh. It also claims to preserve the 'feel' of just coloured hair, for me my hair doesn't feel particularly great after it has been coloured so I can't compare it to that. It does however make my hair feel soft which I was pleasantly surprised about, accompanied with the sweet scent makes it nice to use too. 

If you want a bit more info about the Everlasting Blonde range, you can visit their website here. They have also revamped a few other ranges so its worth taking a look

Overall I am pleased with the results - have you tried this? what are your thoughts?

*Pr sample 

Monday 26 August 2013

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint in Kiss Kiss

Hello Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint, you are most welcome in my make up bag. 

Have you shopped the new MAC range yet? as mentioned the other day I did buy a few sneaky pieces including the MAC In Extreme 3D Black Lash Mascara reviewed here. The other item I chose was a Lipglass tint in Kiss Kiss, a gorgeous pinky peach shade.

One of the things that really appealed to me (other than the lush colour) is that its a twist bottom tube, a couple of clicks and the gloss is dispensed into the brush for application. Now if your a bit impatient then I have a warning for you - only twist the bottom a few times, the gloss will come out, just not instantly OK? how do I know this? because I must have twisted it about 10 times saying "nothings coming out!!!" swiftly followed by "Too much is coming out!!!"

The wearability is pretty good, although I do have to reapply through out the day. The texture is a little on the sticky side, but I am yet to find a MAC gloss that isn't.

When swatched on the skin it has a red/orange tone, however once applied it actually looks pink which I do like. My advise is to try on the lips before purchasing if possible.

Have you tried any of the lip glass tints?

Friday 23 August 2013

Mini Primark Home Haul

I am afraid to say that unfortunately, I am one of those sad people who will buy anything with their pet dogs breed on it. The latest addition is a cushion, with of course a chihuahua print (£4.00), I am sorry it had to be done. I spotted this delightful cushion in Primark's home section so naturally I bought the cushion along with a few other home bargains.

My candle stash was looking a bit low so I bought two scented candles, one vanilla and the other blackberry both £2.00. I also bought a few lime cushions (£7.00 for two) which will go perfectly with my pouffe that I got recently to go in my living room, the wicker heart stand would also go nicely in there (£2.50)

The last thing I bought was some wooden hangers for £2.50. Now this will hopefully spur me on into getting organised (I know I have said it before but this time I mean it) I am going to get rid of all the crappy plastic odds & ends hangers and replace with new fresh wooden ones. This is the start of a big project, watch this space!

They say never work with children & animals, after trying to photograph my chihuahuas with my new chihuahua cushion (sorry couldn't resist) I know exactly why. Maggie is the poser & Moji, well, he just sat on the cushion and that was is it! 

Have you bought any new home bits recently? Do you want to join me in my up coming Mission Organize (take 2)? 

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