Friday, 4 January 2013

How To Revive A Dry Mascara

 Mascaras are tricky things they turn on you when you need them most

One of THE most irritating make up problems is when your mascara dries out literally over night. You were getting on fine, things were great then BAM it turns on you. You pull out your emergency mascara (Clinique bonus time box here I come) and it has done the same thing. Did they club together in the night and decide to revolt? This is the point that you kick yourself for throwing out ten empties last week; there might have been one applications worth left between them.

What did I do in such a predicament? I put the kettle on, not just to de-stress with an earl grey but also to bring my mascara back to life. Now I have heard that popping a dried up tube into a hot cup of water usually does the trick, I filled up a mug (flowery cup optional) and left it in there for five minutes to work its magic.


Did it work? sort of, it definitely made a difference as the mascara started to become creamy again but still a bit dry. Next port of call was the baby oil, I have heard mixed things about adding oil such as it can be harsh on the eyes or change the composition of the formula, but this was my last attempt so I thought I would give it a go.

 I added three small drops to the tube and wiggled the brush inside (trying not to pump to much to add in unnecessary air) add one drop at a time to make sure you do not over do it. This seemed to work well for my Lancome mascara as it was much easier to get the last bits out, however it might be different depending on the brand you are using.


Another option is to add eye drops as this would be better for sensitive eyes, I did not have any in the house so could not try this one!

Generally mascaras should be thrown away after three months so I would not try and revive any really old mascaras you have found in a forgotten stash. But if like me, you have a mascara which you have used for a couple of months and need to get the last bits out before you can get to the shops then its worth doing


  1. Fab idea... perfect as my mascara ran dry this morning.



  2. I tend to just add in a drop of water and then leave it overnight, I usually get another couple of weeks use out of it that way :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away

  3. I have heard for this but instead of baby oil you put olive oil in :) I always have 5- 6 mascaras so I don' t have that problem but definitly would try that trick with oil :)

  4. Thank you so much for the great tips.I have tried the hot water process before but never heard about baby oil... Will try next time if necessary
    Have a great Weekend !

  5. Those tips are great!
    I just thought that if eyedrops are supposed to work, it might work with contact lens solution as well! Has anyone tried that yet?

  6. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing this, Kimmi :)

    Infinite Elegance

  7. I've done the first one on my blog, but didnt know about the baby oil. Thanks Kimmi xxx

  8. Great tips - I will have to remember this if I come unstuck with any of my mascaras :) xx

    Sarah @ xx

  9. I always need to use the last of my mascara so I will definately be using this tip!!x

  10. thanks for the tips!

    xo Sarvin

  11. That is so clever! This is actually perfect as Im currently actually going through 'dry mascara' syndrome! I don't have any baby oil to hand at the moment, but defiantly going to invest in some. Far cheaper than new mascara xx

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  13. Just a note... baby oil is as the name intends . For baby's... not for eyes ... it can harbor bacteria... I've some stupid people even use it as a lube..... not good unless you like a batch of nasty bacteria in side your lady bits..

    1. "baby oil" is scented Mineral Oil. Read the label


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