Wednesday, 29 February 2012

17 Nail Xtras Matte Top Coat

I had seen a matte nail varnish on another blog and was intrigued, so when I was in Boots topping up my supplies I thought I would give this 17 Nail Xtras one a go. I bought it as part of the three for two offer with a few other items.
I put one coat on over the top of my OPI red nail varnish to compare it against the gloss finish. When applied it initially looks glossy but it soon turns to a matte finish and dries very quickly. It totally changed the look of the nail colour having a matte finish - I have seen on another blog this being used with nail art & glossy varnish and it works quite well having a contrast (matte base with gloss polka dots look great!)
For me though, I prefer a glossy finish and do not think the matte top coat works for me for everyday nails. What do you think? have you tried one of these before? if you have not but want to give it a try - I am giving this bottle away in my Beauty Giveaway - click the link in the side bar for more info!


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beauty Giveaway!

As a thank you to all my followers I am having a give away of some of the beauty products I have tried over the last few weeks. I have almost reached 500 followers which is fantastic, thank you to all who enjoy reading my blog :-)

The items that are up for grabs are:

Maybelline - Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Intense Black - NEW in box
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in FANFARE - NEW in box (the pic shown below is just for colour reference - I will be supplying a new one)
17 Wild Metallics Eyes in PURPLE- USED once for a post
17 Nail Xtras Matt Top Coat - USED once for a post (post still to come!)
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy - NEW 

As you can see there is a mixture of new and used items - I love my gel eye liner, MAC lippy & Vaseline so much I do not want to give them away but I know some of you guys would like to try these especially the eye liner so I thought I would get some more for you! I was not too keen on the metallic eyes or top coat but someone else may love them so I added them in too.

If you would like to enter read below:

1) You must be a follower of the blog on GFC /Bloglovin
2) Open to UK residents only
3) Add a comment saying - COUNT ME IN, along with your name & blog if you have one. Also say which item you would like to win the most (im just being nosey)

The closing date is on 12/03/12 at 11.59PM GMT, the winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter  and be announced on 13/03/12

The items will be sent first class by Royal Mail and I can not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Apologies that this is only open to the UK - my last give away winner was from Australia and it was a bit of a nightmare trying to send nail varnish to the land down under!

Good luck! 



Friday, 24 February 2012

What Kimmi Did Next - Round Up of The Week

 - Well she arrived, my fab new toy a Fuji HS20 arrived last weekend so I have been taking pictures of...everything! think Ian is getting fed up with it now. The `dreaming of a summer holiday’ and `Mr Sabo, my man and me’ posts had photos taken by my new camera and I think they came out really well, what do you think? 
- I thought I would celebrate the new camera and create a pictogram of pics from the week, a few pics that snuck in there is on of me in a long blonde Lady GaGa wig that I wore to a party last week (im preparing myself for having extentions!) and also the amazing PB birthday cake bag that my friend had! not a huge PB fan myself but the detail was amazing! The pics  were edited with Fotoflexer but don't think they came out great in the collage I made   :-S
- Im heading into Birmingham tomorrow for  bit of shopping and a meal/drinks in the evening with my man which I am looking forward too. On the shopping list is some MAC make up, a yellow clutch bag (Ive seen a Paul Smith one I like) and also some undies 
- Dont forget to follow me on twitter and facebook, I have not got much up there yet but im working on it!

Blog hunt
My fav blog of the week is -
Why this one? - I like her style! she has fab skin too - not fair hurumph

I found a great giveaway on - she is giving away an Urban Decay palette! I have read so many posts on this and everyone is raving about it, I would get in there quick...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


I have seen a few of these gel eyeliners on the market so thought I would give it a go to see what it’s all about. I chose the Maybelline version because there was a special offer on when I bought the Express Volume Cat Eyes mascara.
The pot itself is quite small but a little goes a long way. It comes with a brush for the application, it is tapered at the end so that you can apply a small amount or angle it differently to get a thicker line. Ideally it would come with a thinner brush so that it can be built up – but this brush is a good midway option and also good for the bold looks there are at the moment
I am not sure why it is called a gel, it has more of a cream texture rather than a gel (a gel makes me think that this would be a light eyeliner but that is not the case as it produces a strong look)
It is very easy to apply – infact a bit too easy that you could over apply! But it definitely is a good tool to get more creative with your eyeliner! I have always used liquid eyeliners in the past but I think for me that it will now be replaced with this one – thumbs up.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Mr Sabo, my man & me

My Thomas Sabo addiction started when my other half bought me a small wing charm for Christmas one year, from then on I am always keeping my eye out for my next Sabo piece. From the first wing purchase, my fella and I have had a slight obsession with angel wings - which lead on to the purchase of a single wing pendant for him and a heart shaped wing pendant for me (with matching single wing earrings of course!) I like the fact that it can be worn on either side, so I can wear plain wings one day and diamante ones the next.

It even inspired our tattoo - we both have a single wing on one foot so when we put our feet together it creates a pair of wings! some people think this is a bit weird, especially a bloke having a wing tattoo with a swirly design on his foot! but hey who wants to be normal...

This is my first and only tattoo but Ian (my man) has 6 so far and is in the process of having sleeves done. The ring in the picture is his, unfortunately it is too big for me otherwise I would be regularly stealing it ;-)

So what Sabo piece shall I get next? Out of the new items, I like the look of the dagger which is a bit more edgy than the wings but I also like the quirky fun element of the strawberry (don't worry this wont give me any ideas for a tattoo - half a strawberry tattooed on your foot does not have the same allure)

Do you have any Sabo items? Whats on your wish list?


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dreaming of a summer holiday


How amazing is this River Island skirt? I think it has everything a long skirt should be - its floaty, the right length, eye catching yet classy and has an amazing print. I bought this for my honeymoon in May but could not wait until it warmed up a bit to blog about it! it also came with this belt, which I would wear with other items as well as I like the buckles on both sides. I put it together with this PRIMARK necklace (can you believe it is from Primark?!) and also a River Island bangle. This skirt could of been worn with a more simple necklace but hey im an accessories girl!
At the same time as buying this skirt I bought a black and white striped pair of trousers which I have no idea what Im going to put with yet! kinda bought them on a whim :-s (click on the link below to have a look) any suggestions?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

What Kimmi Did Next - Round Up of The Week

Hi Everyone, hope you had a good week and woo hoo its Friday! what are your plans for the weekend?

 - For me, I have a `come as a celebrity' party to go to, Im still not sure who I want to go as. I might have to do a last minute Lady GaGa - lets face it anything goes when it comes to GaGa - All I have to do it pop into the butchers for steak as my hat and dig out that old Kermit toy and im half way there.
- I am waiting for my new camera to arrive - I have opted for a Fuji HS20, I have not gone for the SLR yet as I want to build up my photography skills first! very excited to get my hands on my new toy!
- The pic above is the shade I have coloured my nails this week - its a lush cherry colour by OPI called Bastille My Heart
- Once again I have wedding bits and bobs to do but its all coming together quite nicely

Blog Hunt
My favourite blog of the week is:
Why this one? Creative pics and I love her sketches - and she is only 16!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

17 Wild Metallic Eyes


 I saw this eyeshadow in boots and bought it as part of their three for two in the make up offer, its a shame you can not have it across different brands - I ended up buying three 17 items.
I was surprised how soft the texture was on this, its really nice to put on but I am not sure if I would call it `wild eyes' as the colour is quite soft too. I put on two layers and it is a nice metallic colour, but it did crease in my eye and I hate that! would I buy again? yes and no, yes because I like the colour, no because I am not convinced of its staying power as it creased!

Has anyone else tried this or other colours?

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