Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lush Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder

The thought of using a body powder conjures up one memory which I think will stay with me and most other people forever. The Sunday night `your having a bath whether you need it or not’ ritual that occurred once a week as a child. This is not the quick wash & scrub of a weekday oh no, this is the works, nails clipped, ears cleaned, hair de-knotted and squeaky clean ready for the week ahead.  The grand finale being the thick coating of talc that was smothered head to toe as too much accidentally puffs out of the tub. It also covered the floor, the towel, your parent’s clothes and left a trail on the carpet as you walked to the bedroom.

So why in that case, did I go and buy a body powder at the weekend? Because it was from Lush of course! Whilst walking around the shop doing the sniff test, I came across the Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder and immediately loved the smell (the sniff test being if I like the smell it goes in the basket regardless of its purpose) although as of late, with budgets being tight I have made myself spend at least 30 seconds deciding whether I really need something before it end up in the basket.  

For example:

Q: Do I use talc? – A: No 
Q: Do I like using talc? – A: No
Q: What happened to the last body powder I bought? – A:  Gave it to mum/might still be in my draw
Q: Will I use it if I buy it? – A: Well if it smells like that then yes! 

Justification right there and only after 20 seconds, in the basket it goes. And to add fuel, my husband was stood next to me saying `come on are you buying that or what’ as I was in the thinking zone, that to me translated into 'buy it'. However later that day he told me it actually meant 'I want to get the hell out of here it’s hurting my nose/giving me a head ache'

Now from my experience you’re either a vanilla person or you’re not, I quite clearly am. The smell is amazing; you will definitely get your vanilla kick from this if you’re in need of a hit. Each pot has a vanilla pod in so that it continues to infuse the powder as it sits in your draw and also gives it a stronger scent.

The powder is light and it does make the skin feel smooth, but like with any powder you do not want to over do it, you have to be careful when squeezing the tube as too much easily puffs out. Body powders are designed to absorb excess moisture, I only apply a light dusting so it does not dry out the skin, just enough to make the skin silky and smelling sweet (the modern way to do talc - sorry mum) Another reason not to apply a thick layer is because excessive use of talc is not good for you, (google it) but everything in moderation is my motto.

How others have have used it?

-          Dry shampoo – I won’t be doing this as I don’t get on with dry shampoo
-          Sprinkle on the bed sheets
-          Put it on the dog! – I would love to give Moji a quick dusting of this, especially when he has not long been bathed and has already reverted to eau de dog. But I’m always cautious using human products on the dogs, their skin might react differently
-          Using it to soak up moisture between showers – sweaty betty
-          Sprinkling on pot pourri – that’s if you’re old enough to own/want some

Have you tried it? How do you use it?

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Cherry Carmex Lip Balm

Having tried the pots of Carmex in the past and not really liking them, I was not expecting much from the squeezy tube version. I only bought it because there was hardly any choice in the shop I bought it from, in fact I bought it with a bit of a hurumph as I thought it would end up in the box of no return that hides under my bed.

As it turns out its the best lip balm I have bought in years! normally I am a fan of a trusty tin of Vaseline, but I was getting fed up of gauging the top with my nail and also the thought of germs getting into the tin was starting to put me off using it. This squeezy tube is so easy to use, in fact too easy as I keep on putting it on and leaving it on my desk ready for the next go.

Since using this my lips are flake free, I used to get pieces of skin flaking off my lips, very gross. But this Carmex is really hydrating and keeps my lips soft and smooth. Even if I skip a day or so, my lips are still soft, normally as soon as I stop using a lip balm my lips would dry up again.

I love the smell too, its like a cherry menthol and tingles on application. Other flavours I have seen are mint and strawberry, think I might try the mint one next for extra tingly freshness. With it only being £2.69 I wouldn't mind getting all flavours!

It does contain lanolin which I know some people have reactions to, but it works really well for me. I tend to buy hand creams with lanolin in as it makes my skin very soft

This is definitely a rebuy item, have you tried it?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sephora Haul

On my recent trip to the states, I had my first Sephora shopping experience. While walking down the Vegas strip I spotted a store and shouted `OMG SEPHORA’ of course I had to go in and explore. Seeing as I was with my husband and parents, I vowed/brownies honoured only to spend 10 minutes in there for a quick mooch. Seeing as that amount of time only allowed me to look at what was practically in the door way, I secretly promised Sephora I would be back later for another visit.

Later that evening we were in the casino having a little flutter on the fruit machines and my mum won $100 on a $1 bet! With my birthday being around the corner she handed her winnings to me and said `Treat yourself in Sephora’ so sweet of her! Naturally I took up her offer and booked in shopping time with my husband, I had to give him a warning well in advance.

If you have not shopped in Sephora before, it can be compared to the beauty department in boots. However there are no counters to approach with sales people behind them, the stock is shelved up like high street make up is in boots. I liked this approach as I felt free to look at everything and really take my time swatching and reading packaging.

Another thing I loved is the minis that are available. Comparing it again, in boots you can get mini shampoos/conditioners etc of high street brands to try. However in Sephora there are minis of higher end brands which makes it more accessible to try new things. I picked up a 15ml Caudalie hair oil, which I could not decide between that or a mini Ojon oil as I have heard both are good.

I wanted to try some Sephora branded make up as I would not be able to get that in the UK, my choice was to get the Primal Instincts pallet & Rose Sorbet blusher. I also picked up an OPI for Sephora nail varnish, hard to resist when all the different colours are lined up! I chose the shade Meet for Drinks

Finally I picked up a couple of lip products, YSL rouge volupte shine lipstick in Rouge in Danger (because I have wanted a YSL lippy for ages) and Lip Tar in Electric Grandma (impulse buy because I liked the colour) 

Have you been to Sephora? what did you buy?

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Hello Blogettes,

Its been a while, hope everyone is good. Where have I been for almost four months? its quite simply been so manic that I have put my beloved blogging hobby on the back burner while other things have taken over.

So what have I been doing? a holiday to Thailand, IVF treatment, a trip to Vegas, along with birthdays/anniversary's and all the usual work/life jobs means I have been a bizzy bee. Although the holidays were fab, the fertility treatment I had certainly wasn't. Not only was it physically and mentally demanding, it also DIDN'T WORK. I kinda let it take over my life and be my main focus, hence the lack of posts.

Next time (as we have decided to do it all again) im not going to let it take over, even though it is very important to me I cant forget myself. I have decided to mention the treatment on the blog as it shouldn't be taboo which I think it currently is. Having gone through it I realise just how common it is and no one talks about it. So there you go, heart officially on the sleeve.

I don't want to be miserable and dwell on a failure, lets talk make up, in fact lets talk about the SEPHORA make up that I bought on my Vegas trip. Actually, I think im going to leave you hanging for that one and save it for another post :-p

I could yab on for a while about the last few months, I thinks its easier in pic form. Here we go....

Palm trees in Thailand- Temple - Chilling on the beach - Temple fashion - Kids swimming in Bankok - Singha by the pool -Our bungalow - Reclining Budda - Heading down the river in Bangkok
Helicopter to the Grand Canyon - Our hotel from above - Fab shopping - A little bit of a flutter - View from our hotel room - Me in the Grand Canyon - Showgirls! - Famous Vegas sign
Horrid meds & injections for IVF - Big Fat NEGATIVE - Funky Pigeon birthday card - Nommy birthday dinner - Sephora goodies

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