Wednesday, 31 July 2013

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

Cleansing is probably the most important part of my skin care routine. I have the type of skin where if I do not cleanse thoroughly every night to remove make up and excess oil then the rest of my regime is pointless. I will break out and will be back to square one.

I used to use a face wipe (I hear the gasps of horror) before cleansing, I have now replaced this with a cleansing water of some sort. The latest one that I am currently using is the L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. I use this at night before cleansing, applied with cotton pads to remove the first layer of crud. I keep on going until the pads only show a little make up on them and then I move on to the next step, one pad does not suffice! 

Personally I do not think this unclogs pores or removes impurities. Let me re-phrase, it doesn't remove any impurities from my skin and I think its a bit of a strong claim. However as it is alcohol & fragrance free it feels very gentle & is still effective, its like wiping water over your face which I love (I don't mean I love wiping water on my face, I mean I like it being gentle, I'm not a total weirdo) 

I would not use this on its own without following with another cleanser, it just wouldn't work for me. I also occasionally have to use a separate eye make up remover if I have worn a lot of make up that day. 

I think this is another Bioderma competitor, I have not tried Bioderma yet so I can not comment if this is better/worse however it is a fraction of the price at £3.00 from Asda. 

Overall it removes make up gently and prepares my skin for a good cleanse, it serves its purpose so I would re-buy this. Have you tried it yet?

Monday, 29 July 2013

Collective Haul - Space NK, Superdrug, Paperchase & John Lewis

Written post below 

Fancy snooping inside my recent shopping bags? you have permission to snoop. Its always intriguing to find out what other people have bought and why. At University I studied Marketing & Retail Management and was always interested in the psychology behind buying which continues to this day. Wouldn't you love to stop someone coming out of Space NK to find out what they bought? Obviously we can't do that but at least we can share with one another, so here we go...

First stop - Space.NK

Items bought:
Cane & Austin Retexturising Pads - £48.00
REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask - £18.00

Samples - REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask, T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid, Satin Perfection BB Cream - Free

Second Stop - Superdrug 

Items bought:
John Freida Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - two for £8.00
John Freida Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Spray - £2.00
Solait Illuminating Facial Bronzing Cream - £3.29
Real Techniques Stippling Brush - £10.99
Radox Coconut Kiss Shower Gel - £1.00
I Love...Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath - £2.05

Third stop - Paperchase

Items bought:
Note book - £2.00
Pen - £2.95
Weekly Desk Planner - £7.00

Last stop - John Lewis

Items bought
Catseye London Chihuahua Wash Bag - £8.50

Have you been shopping recently? 

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Week in Pictures

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rituals Good Luck Scrub - Sugar Body Scrub

Walking past the rituals store in town, I spotted one of their new ranges named Laughing Budda. I popped in to have a look and noticed that all items were named about good fortune and happiness - there's the Happy Budda Shower Foam, Fortune Oil and even a Bliss Stick. I was drawn to the Good Luck Sugar Body Scrub as I needed to buy a new exfoliator, I tried it out at the `water island' and was quickly sold. 

Now I have not exactly been down on my luck but my luck levels could do with topping up, especially with another round of treatment looming. A scrub with added luck - perfect! I love quirky names for products, easily pleased I know.

As expected it smells delightful, the sweet orange & cedar wood make a lovely sweet combination which is not too overpowering. It contains organic sugar & softening oils to really nourish the skin once exfoliated. What I like about this is that the sugar dissolves as you are using it, mixing into the oils to leave a soft & smooth surface. 

I am sometimes put off of scrubs containing oils because they tend to sit on my skin creating a greasy layer which I hate! I was worried this was going to be the case with the Good Luck Scrub too but its not. It leaves just the right amount of oil on the skin to have a lovely softening effect without it being too heavy. 

Overall it is a great scrub, it gets rid of dead skin leaving your skin lovely and soft and the fragrance gives a luxurious feel too. I think I might try other items in this range, have you tried any yet?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Avon Clearskin Clear Emergency - Cream Cleanser, Daily Astringent & Instant Spot Treatment

My skin has been terrible recently, like really bad. IVF treatment, the recent heat wave and a slap dash skin care routine is no doubt to blame. I have been getting a lot of blocked pores recently and also those small pesky under the skin pimples, I needed something to combat the problem and fast.

In a desperate bid to find something on an evening when I was throwing a bad skin paddy (we've all had them) I routed through my stash and found some Avon products. My mum had bought me these as she occasionally does, she feels like she is genetically to blame for my bad skin so sometimes turns up at my house with beauty goodies (bless her). However on this occasion I believe that her Avon selling friend had convinced her to purchase in bulk for either a freebie or discount, in turn I ended up with the excess produce.

Nevertheless I am glad that these items found there way into my beauty draw, they have really helped me get out of a skin pickle. I have never bought Avon before, in fact I would never normally even consider Avon because it seems a bit, well, old? I mean my mum buys it so that says it all really, its a safe option.

However I take back these comments as after using these I am actually quite impressed. I started off using the Clear Emergency Intensive Cream Cleanser followed by the Blemish Clearing Daily Astringent. The cleanser has a fairly thick texture, a bit mask like in fact, but once water is added it goes creamy/milky & also slightly chalky. This has a very cooling/tingly sensation, you really feel like this is getting to work on the skin which personally I really like. Next I used the Blemish Clearing Daily Astringent to remove any last traces of cleanser & oil. This is exactly what it says - an astringent so it is quite strong and contains alcohol, once you smell it you will know! it does do the trick and leaves the skin feeling really clean.

After the first night my husband commented on how clear & bright my skin looked - he said this without ANY prompting and he did not know of my new regime. That is all I had to hear to be sold on this!

The next night I also started using the spot treatment too, which helped to reduce those horrible under the skin pimples. They did not actually go though, I think this is better for whopping on the surface staring right at ya kind of spot.

Now all of these contain salicylic acid (a chorus of YAY from the bad skin sufferers) however I find excessive use of products containing this can start to have a drying effect - especially combined with alcohol like with the astringent. These few Avon products are good for those few days where your skin needs an extra cleansing zit zapping hit, so they (surprisingly) have a place in my emergency box.

Whats even better is that these are cheap - they are on offer at the moment and you can get all three for £6.75!!! shocking

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Estée Lauder Cello Shots - Pure Color Cheek Rush Review - Pink Patent Fresh Sheer

When Estée Lauder launched their new range of Cello Shots cheek colours it ticked a number of boxes for me - pinky red shades - check, lightweight - check, buildable - check, all of which made these new blushes appeal. I went and made my purchase from John Lewis for £24.00 (see here) which I think is reasonable for an Estée Lauder blush.

There are four shades to choose from, Hot Fuse (red), Pink Patent (light pink), Techno Jam (plum) & X-pose Rose (darker pink). I chose Pink Patent as the others looked quite dark, however now I have found out how sheer they are I would like to experiment with the other shades too.

I love the packaging, the pump top makes for mess free application. I found that if I did a slow pump more would come out than necessary (shown as a squiggle in the pic below) so I tend to use one quick pump on each cheek.

As the name suggests it is sheer, when it first comes out it looks quite strong but once blended on the skin it leaves a light sheer flush of colour. In my opinion this is like a cheek stain, once on its not going anywhere! which means you have to be quick with your application, like real quick because it dries fast. I found the best way to apply this is to pat the gel onto the skin, I think using a brush would be too abrasive and the initial moist texture with the brush could lift off some foundation.

I usually wear this with just one layer, but it also looks nice built up into a stronger colour. However if your looking for a strong colour I think these would be too sheer (although I can not comment on all shades as I have only tried this one)

Overall I like this blush, seeing as it acts like a stain it is suitable for oily skin as it stays put all day. I was initially concerned as other sheer products I have tried were a bit on the creamy/greasy side which is not suitable for my skin at all.

Have you tried these? what are your thoughts?

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