Monday, 2 September 2013

Recent Favourites

I have not written a favourites post for some time now so I have decided to write up on a few recent favourites (from the past 6 weeks or so!)

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Mineral Hair Rescue Masque

As I am back to blonde I need to regularly moitsurise my hair with a deep treatment or masque. I was drawn to the new Charles Worthingon Salon at Home range mainly because it claims to give a salon like treatment at home. Intrigued to know whether this was the case or not I purchased for a try. It leaves my hair feeling really smooth and soft but most of all I love the scent, I can still smell it on my hair after it has dried. I wouldnt quite say its a `Salon at Home' experience but its close.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution

I have already reviewed this here. I love this as it removes all makeup before I cleanse. Its light, fragrance free and does the job. I have almost ran out so I need to go and repurchase, or do I now try Bioderma? 

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Sensual Blush

On my last trip to the states I went for a quick peek in Victoria's Secret. I did not realise they did such as large range of bodycare & fragrance items, heres me thinking it was just undies. I chose a body mist in Sensual Blush, a lovely sweet floral scent, to be honest its hard too choose which one to pick!
 I love to spritz this all over after a shower in the morning and a good item to have in your bag for a quick spray throughout the day. My husband will be going to the states soon so a few more of these will be on the list!

Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap

I have tried this soap in the past and when I spotted it in Boots I had to buy it. If you suffer with body impurities then this good for giving the skin on your back & chest a really good cleanse. It also leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft, not drying at all. Its also really nice to use after a body scrub - defo recommend  

Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Round Pads

Its a bit of an odd one but hey a favourites a favourite. I usually buy the cheapest cotton wool pads I can find after all cotton wool is just cotton wool right? wrong! I find that the beauty products I use work better with a higher quality pad, for example these ones have two different sides depending on what you want to use them with.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Not only has this brush made it to my favourites but it is also my favourite brush. It has made foundation application a lot easier and leaves a nice finish, no orange streaks here! This is my first Real Techniques brush, I now want to try some of their eye brushes too - any suggestions?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week in Pictures

Well its been a busy few weeks, I have been in and out of hospital so not many pics from me this week - a week of hospital pics wouldn't be too exciting now would it! I did however take a snap of my lovely hospital gown - oh what style...

1 & 2 - John Frieda Everlasting Blonde review see here
3 & 4 - Topshop nails in AWOL see here
5 & 6 - MAC Lipglass in Kiss Kiss see here
7) my lush hospital gown 8) New skirt - bought in the sale from Bank

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