Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Month of fitness

Since returning from Honeymoon, I have not been very motivated to stick to a fitness regime. That was in April! So I have not really made any efforts since then. I find it quite hard to get motivated when I do not have a target – like fitting into my wedding dress or being beach ready to wear a bikini. So I thought if I put my fitness diary on my blog it might encourage me to keep up with it – if its public there is no going back!
My aim is to lose the bloat, to tone up and also to eat healthier. I do have a petite frame but I tend to carry more weight on my stomach and hips as shown in the pics below. I am generally feeling a bit soft, unhealthy and want to tone up and get a bit more shape.
My diet is not great and my main vice is wine, I love a nice glass of wine of an evening but this easily turns to two and at weekends three which I know is really bad. I think I am painting a bad picture because I do not drink every night, but it is a big player in my bad eating/drinking habits. I also have to make a conscious effort to get my fruit & veg into my diet, not because I do not like them, I love fruit and veg, but it’s just remembering to get my five a day in.

So what’s the plan?

·         I have some Rodial sachets left from my last blitz – I will use them for the next five days to kick start my detox/diet
·         NO WINE or alcohol for a month
·         NO crisps/chocolate/crap
·         I must eat five portions of fruit & veg a day
·         I must drink 2 litres of water a day
·         Cut down on caffeine (I am not cutting it out all together – no way hosey!)
·         Exercise daily 

So there’s the general rules, I am going to try and blog everyday with posts called `almost daily diary’ to keep track of what I have eaten, exercise I have done, general thoughts and so on.  I have a treadmill (along with a few motivation pics) so I guess I will be starting there.

It starts tomorrow, a new month = a new regime, who's with me? you have one day to psych yourself up for it :-) 


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Saturday Shopping

I have been wanting a black jacket for ages and whilst out shopping this Saturday I came across a range in Topshop. There was a black one but I opted for this pastel blue/grey shade as its not so `business' and a bit more summery - they also had a few other light pastel shades too see here

I took advantage of he boots offer of two Models Own nail varnishes for £8 - I love the Hed Kandi collection which is full of bright shades like the one I chose Hedonist. I am actually a little obsessed with the orangy red shades which are out at the mo. The other one I chose was Nude Beige - which is a lovely soft brown colour, bit of a contrast to Hedonist!

Lastly I bought a sachet of Sanctuary's 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask for a deep clean, I quite like other masks by them so thought I would give this one a try.

Did you do any Saturday Shopping?


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Topshop Sunglasses

Wayhey! The sun is out and hot hot hot ai ai aiiiii!!! Ok so maybe I am a little over excited, but I have not had much chance to wear my Topshop sunnies and now they are out and will hopefully stay out (well until the weekend is over at least)
I love unusual shape, I think they are quite Prada-esque with the straight top and the pinky colour, also love the leopard print pouch it comes in too (easily pleased)  

So what do you think? Have you bought any Topshop Sunnies recently?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday shopping

I had to run a few errands today - no intention of spending money, but while rummaging in the bargain bin in Tesco (yes I am that person you see doing that!) I found these light up tweezers for 50p!!! I have had a similar pair in the past but the batteries ran out and I never replaced them but this set comes with 3 spare batteries! it has a nice bright light and fits nicely in the case which also has a mirror. I have had a quick go and they do work, I find some cheapy ones don't actually grip anything.  Over all a bargain which I am very happy with - the moral of he story is to rummage in the bargain bin even if it makes you look like a tight ass.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Blog Beauty Giveaway - Help me choose a prize

Its giveaway time! Well not quite yet, I am planning on a giveaway when I hit the 1000 followers mark, I may never get there but I am thinking positive! Even if I do not reach it, I will be having a giveaway on the blog in a few weeks time as a thank you to all my readers. It is also a good excuse for me to go shopping for a fabulous gift J
However I need your input – I want to know what you actually want as a gift! I have a few suggestions below – please leave a comment on which you think is the best prize and/or vote in the poll in the side bar. If you have another idea then tick other in the poll and leave a comment on what it is. The prize ranges from one expensive item to multiple cheaper items. The decision is yours.......
MAC - Heavenly Creatures - Blusher or Skin Finish

MUA - mega haul of goodies

Real Techniques - Core Collection Brush Set
Moroccan Oil & Tangle Teezer

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Topshop Lipstick in Satorial

This is my first go with a Topshop lipstick and I have to say I am tres tres happy with it. I was after a more orangey shade of red as I normally opt for the pinker shades so thought I would have a bit of a change. I am now officially in love with this lipstick, it has in fact taken pride of place over my over my MAC lippys and is in my favourite makeup compartment (Sorry MAC, I am not leaving you, it’s just a brief affair, remember you were my first true love)
What do I love about it, the texture, the packaging, the smell and of course the colour! That bright pop of colour is lush – it’s not a slutty bright red, more of a fashion red (does that even make sense?) well I think so anyway and it’s on my face. I would not say it was long lasting, lipsticks never are on me because I am always snogging the face off my man (ok NOW its slutty red) but seriously lipsticks never last on me and I hate those lip stains, so the only answer for me is to keep on reapplying. Did anyone ever used to use Lipcote? When I was younger EVERYONE went through a phase of using it and it used to STING LIKE A BITCH.  Can’t comment on what it is like now though, like I said I have not used it for years :-s
I nearly went for the lighter orangey shade Ohh la la as shown in the pics at the bottom and I took ages to decide, although they do look quite similar in the swatches. Infact they look very orange in the swatches - defo comes out more red on the lips (I am wearing it in my profile pic). When in the shop I asked for the hubbies opinion out of which I should buy, his comment was `urgh not that orange one’ referring to the lighter shade. Obviously he was drawn to the red....


Monday, 16 July 2012

Mission Organise - Part One

OK I have to admit, I am a tad on the messy side when it comes to my clothes, accessories and beauty products. My other half says I am not allowed to buy anything else until it is all sorted MEH. I keep hold of all my shopping bags, nice perfume boxes, pointless trinkets and magazines, lots and lots of magazines but it’s all got to go.
So the big clear out/up has begun, I am calling it mission organise! I have already started by using the Ikea cosmetics organiser which I got on Saturday (which apparently I will fill up with more crap I don’t need and it caused a row in the middle of Ikea) I am very happy with it and I have put my everyday beauty products in there. I still have a full tray under the bed which is pictured below, I need to sort that too!
I have also organised my clothes into piles of trousers, tops etc which I know is standard procedure for a wardrobe, baby steps! It immediately feels 10 times better. Next mission is to sort out my manky plastic hangers which I HATE, they don’t even fit on the rail properly! so the next part of the tidying will be mission crappy hanger. I also need to sort out some hanging space for my jewellery - I am thinking of putting some kind of hook next to the wall on the window - its empty space which needs to be used!
I also have to say that the first pic was after I had started tidying - it was actually a lot worse than this (ashamed smiley)
I finished part one of the mission yesterday, really chuffed I called my husband upstairs to have a look, eagerly waiting for a comment like "wow it looks brilliant" all I got was "I wonder how long that will last" double MEH
I need tips and Ideas to make sure I keep on top of my newly acquired tidying skills - if you have any ideas please send them my way! 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday Shopping

I popped over to Ikea today to get some ideas for storage of my beauty products and also ways to organise my wardrobe! A task for tomorrow I think, going to have a good old clear out  and get some organisation into my wardrobe. I found this plastic organiser - which I think is meant to sit inside a draw as a draw tidy, but I think I will use it to put my make up bits and bobs in. I am probably going to need more then one but its a start! At the moment I have a big plastic container where it is all chucked in.
This organiser has handy compartments like nail varnish sections and also the tilted plastic bit is hinged so you can lift it up and put bits underneath. I will let you know how I get on with mission organise - wish me luck!


Friday, 13 July 2012

L'Oreal Youth Code Moisturiser - Day Cream

Like most of my moisturisers, this one was bought as part of my trial and error program! I have oily/comination skin which has large pores and tends to break out - so I have to be careful I do not over do it with a moisturiser. Also, I am getting on a bit now so wanted an element of anti-age too.
I picked out Youth code purely because it was on offer at boots at the time - the lady in store tried to flog me the serum to go with it but I decided just to go with the day moisturiser first and take it from there. It has claims of making your skin look younger by using a new gene technology `skins youthfulness reawakened day after day' - wow so if my skin gets younger everyday I will have the skin of a baby by the end of next week - sold.
I use this day and night, the texture of the cream is a nice balance between a day cream and a night cream (I dont want anything too heavy for night) it also has a light fragrance which I prefer because you dont notice you have it on. It absorbs quickly - great for make up application as it leaves the skin lovely and smooth. Using it as a night cream, I wake up in the morning with my skin soft & dewy.
As for the anti-aging properties, my pores are still large and I still have forehead lines! I suppose if you skin is quite dull and then you use this and it brightens it then you would say it makes your skin look younger. Being 27, I dont see much difference in that respect. I did switch to the Clarins day cream but once the tube had finished I went back to Youth Code and I could see a massive difference and realised this cream is pretty good.
I do love this cream, but its not so perfect - I still get a bit of grease on the t-zone from it but not enough to block pores. So I will continue to try others (on the hunt for the holy grail of facial creams) but maybe thats just because im a beauty product junkie. The main benefit of this cream for me is that it leaves my skin soft, a good all rounder which I am sure I will keep going back to. I might try the serum with it to see if I will get the extra results I am looking for!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I love shoes - this weeks favourites.....

1) Christian Loubouton - Alti 140 spiked patent-leather pumps - £895
2) Forever 21 - Neon Sole Oxfords - £22.75
3) Valentino - Studded patent-leather and metal shoes - £455 
4) Miss Selfridge - Pose Cream Studded Platform - £68.00
5) Republic - Miso Polka Dot Wedges - £35.00
6) Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-print calf hair pumps - £550
7) Zara - Studded Cowboy Ankle Boots - £69.99
8) Charlotte Olympia - Flora printed crepe-covered leather pumps - £845 
9) Miu Miu - Embroidered satin-covered leather loafers - £420  
10) River Island - Black Peep Toe Wedges - £50.00
11) Alexander McQueen - Two-tone leather ankle boots - £390 
12) Topshop - Melinda Mesh Shoes - £30.00
13) Dune - Dashing Pointed Metal Toe Cap Slingback Court Shoe - £85.00
14) Boohoo.com -  Bethan Turquoise Studded Toe Leather Look Loafer - £15.00
15) New Look - Bronx White Dalmation Print Creepers - £99.99
16) Yves Saint Laurent - Suede brogue ankle boots - £630 


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