Friday, 4 October 2013 review - Country Heart Ceramic Jug

When it comes to this time of year I go into hibernation/nesting mode. I want to make the house look as nice and homely as possible, after all I will be spending most of my time sat in front of the fire looking out at the gloomy weather so its worth investing in a few nice bits to warm up the house. 

I was contacted by and was asked if I was interested in looking at their website and sampling an item. This was perfect timing and once I had a quick peek at the website I was sold, shabby chic at its best - my favorite! 

I chose this really sweet jug which I knew would look nice with a single rose or a small bunch of flowers. Polka dots, flowers and hearts, whats not to like? 

Of course I tested it out in a few places around the house, its home is now on the fireplace in the lounge. 

I am always a bit cautious about purchasing items like this online, I am never confident that the item will arrive in one piece. The jug however was sufficiently wrapped and secure in the box so no problems there.

So now I have my first piece from whats next? well I have had a good snoop around the website and I really like the vintage bathroom accessories, signs and frames (see below). The only downside is that there is too much choice! I want to buy it all! ah well it is Christmas soon......

Visit  to view the whole range or click here to take you directly to the jug  

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