Friday, 6 April 2012

Round up of the week!

Hello everyone! hope your having a great weekend so far - what will you be doing with your time off?
- On Sunday I am planning to make a yummy roast dinner for Easter and of course eat lots of chocolate! well not too much - I still have to fit into my dress!
- It is my birthday on monday! to celebrate, my family and I are going for afternoon tea at the place I am getting married in, really looking forward to the scones and tea :-)
- Hopefully I will get some packing done for Antigua, we have quite a low limit on luggage allowance so cant take too much - which is a nightmare for me because I always take loads! (and only wear half of it!) but hey you never know what you might need!
- They Badger Set giveaway is still up and running, to enter read the post below! go on, you know you want too
- Apologies for my lack of photos/blog of the week this week - I have so much on running up to the wedding!


  1. Happy Birthday for Monday! Hope you have a lovely day xx

  2. Happy Birthday for Monday. I hope the weather stays fine for you. xx

  3. that picture is adorable! lol!

    have a wonderful birthday!!! have fun :)

  4. Happy Birthday for Monday!

  5. Happy Birthday for Monday, have a great day! x

  6. Cute dog! and also a happy birthday from me

  7. Have a great Easter and a happy birthday!

  8. wow so happy birthday :)

    I'm following you dear

    Herdiana Surachman


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