Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunny side up

The sun is finally out in the UK, wayhey! Lets hope it lasts for the week at least. After being in the hot sun in Antigua, it is a bit of a shock to the system to come back to rain but we must have brought the sun back with us
At least I am all stocked up on the sun cream front, which hopefully I will have to use all week! I usually opt for Piz Buin Tan Intensifier when I go away and I will take a factor 15 and 30 with me. The smell of this cream is lovely, the classic summer holiday smell! it is a little thick but it does absorb in well and does help me to go a nice colour – I would defo recommend this one. While I was away I ran out of the factor 15 so nipped to the local shop and bought Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch – which was really light and glided on the skin well.
My face never tans, fact. Its really odd and I do not know why it does not get any colour, so I thought I might as well use a high factor seeing as I am not going to get any colour anyway and protect my skin. I took St Tropez factor 50 with a hint of fake tan; it was pricy for the size but worked a treat for protecting from sunburn all day. It did not really help to develop a tan through so I ended up using a moisturiser with a hint of tan in at night.
One cloudy morning I did not put any cream on my legs, and guess what, I burnt. I am paying the price now with horrible peeling skin on my legs! I am using the Body Shop cocoa butter and it seems to be helping. Moral of the story? Always wear cream!


  1. You should get some aloe vera gel for your legs, i think you can get it from holland and barrett. And put it in the fridge before using it, really helps!!

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