Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Elle - Free Reiss Vest

I saw the front cover of Elle and thought, oi oi what do we have here then..... a gorgeous hunk of a man plus a free Reiss top! There was a choice of three colours, but in the small Tesco near me there was only the minty green one left, I would of picked the pink but still like the green. To be honest I dont normally fall for the clothing/fabric freebies - the worst being those crappy canvas bags they give out trying to pass them off as designer
I got home and tried the top on and thought I would show you what it looks like. If you are a size 6-8 then you could probably get away with it, but with mine it was too small and showing way to much bra-age for my liking!
Well it is free so what did I really expect it to fit perfectly? no, but the only thing Reiss about it was the label! I will stick to the make up freebies in future!
check out the pics below - I  have also mentioned the make-up I was wearing today :)

A bit of Beckham action
Woo hoo free!
Top from front - to much bra-age!
Top from back- a bit see through
oooh nice necklace - Topshop Pearl Cross
Perfect for the pastel/pearl trend
hhhmmm not convinced
Todays make up - quite natural with black eyeliner - my standard look!
Make up I used - Mac Hue lipstick, Rimmel soft kohl eyeliner, Mac minerlize powder, 17 Miracle Matte foundation - ooops forgot the blush (the MAC from the last post of course!)
Out the way Mags im trying to take a photo!
I had a quick flick through the mag and spotted these straight away! you wont be able to see anything but who cares! Swarovski crystal - £305

Monday, 28 May 2012

MAC Blusher - Buff

I love a bit of blusher me, sometimes a little too much and I end up with bright pink go faster stripes across my face. Nothing wrong with loving a bit of rouge I say! The latest addition to my blush collection is MAC blusher in Buff, a lovely pinky peach hue which really warms up my skin. I apply this to the apples of my cheeks but also cheat with light dusting on the T-zone where the sun should give me a little colour. As I have oily skin this blusher is great as it is not too sparkly so my face does not glow like a beacon.
I use a Clinique blusher brush with this, but to get max application I scratch the top of the blush compact so it goes more powdery and application is fast – is that naughty? Do you ladies do the same? I think I should invest in another brush. 
Here are some other lushies that I have my eye on, which is your fave?

 Diorskin - Rosy glow / Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush - Pink Kiss / Tom Ford Cheek Colour - Wicked / Nars Spring Collection - Gaiety Blush

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunny side up

The sun is finally out in the UK, wayhey! Lets hope it lasts for the week at least. After being in the hot sun in Antigua, it is a bit of a shock to the system to come back to rain but we must have brought the sun back with us
At least I am all stocked up on the sun cream front, which hopefully I will have to use all week! I usually opt for Piz Buin Tan Intensifier when I go away and I will take a factor 15 and 30 with me. The smell of this cream is lovely, the classic summer holiday smell! it is a little thick but it does absorb in well and does help me to go a nice colour – I would defo recommend this one. While I was away I ran out of the factor 15 so nipped to the local shop and bought Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch – which was really light and glided on the skin well.
My face never tans, fact. Its really odd and I do not know why it does not get any colour, so I thought I might as well use a high factor seeing as I am not going to get any colour anyway and protect my skin. I took St Tropez factor 50 with a hint of fake tan; it was pricy for the size but worked a treat for protecting from sunburn all day. It did not really help to develop a tan through so I ended up using a moisturiser with a hint of tan in at night.
One cloudy morning I did not put any cream on my legs, and guess what, I burnt. I am paying the price now with horrible peeling skin on my legs! I am using the Body Shop cocoa butter and it seems to be helping. Moral of the story? Always wear cream!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ted Baker Ronnee Matinee Purse

I have had my eye on the Ted Baker purses for a while now, to my delight my hubby took the hint and bought me one for my birthday. There is something about the juicy bright colours which are so enticing and summery, the patent finish adds to really make it pop.  I had become quite attached to my Gucci coin purse, it is just the right size for a few cards and a bit of cash – but this TB one can fit in my blackberry and even a cheeky lippy managed to get it there. So I use this as a clutch for when I am popping out and don’t need to take a suitcase full of cosmetics and general crap.
I also got a heart shaped mirror which sits in a little pouch – looks like an ice cream when it is popped inside! It is a bit odd, its literally a reflective piece of metal! But good for the emergency lippy application. I did have it in my hand luggage for Antigua, but I was paranoid they would take it off me because it could be used as a weapon (trust me if you lob it at someone it will hurt)


What else is on my Ted Baker wish list? these lovely feet fancies certainly are, I just need to plan another holiday now...

Monday, 21 May 2012

Here comes the bride

Seeing as I have been banging on about wedding preparations for what seems like an age, I thought it was only fair I share a few snaps with you of my dress. I went all out and opted for a large dress which I was a bit apprehensive about at first, but now I have the pics I am glad I did.
The bodice is a beautiful lace with diamant├ęs, buttoned at the back and complimented with a mocha coloured sash (which sat lovely down the back of the dress) lace flowers were also on the skirt of the dress to continue the style of the bodice. I did not go for a veil as I thought it would be a bit OTT and I have never been that keen on them, but I was always going to have a tiara :-)

The dress is now sat in my loft (safely!) and I wonder when I will ever get it out again!what do I do with it now? I am tempted to sell it as it seems a waste just sat in the loft, but then I am not sure I can bring myself to say goodbye to it

The last pic is my hair after it has had rollers in it, the hairdresser had to do this so she could actually get my short hair up. I LOVE my hair with volume like this! I am now on the hunt for some heated rollers - any suggestions?

So what do you think? what is your dream dress?


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Back to reality

Hi everyone, I am back! And it’s back to reality for me. The wedding went to plan and surprisingly the sun was shining! Hooray! The honeymoon was fab, the resort we stayed on was beautiful and the beaches were stunning. I have a few snaps of the wedding but I will be receiving them all tomorrow, cant wait to see them and re-live the day.
Hurumph, back to work and miserable weather L but at least I have my good old blog to look forward to updating.
So what’s the goss? What’s been going on? Let me know of any great blog posts I have missed
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