Friday, 24 February 2012

What Kimmi Did Next - Round Up of The Week

 - Well she arrived, my fab new toy a Fuji HS20 arrived last weekend so I have been taking pictures of...everything! think Ian is getting fed up with it now. The `dreaming of a summer holiday’ and `Mr Sabo, my man and me’ posts had photos taken by my new camera and I think they came out really well, what do you think? 
- I thought I would celebrate the new camera and create a pictogram of pics from the week, a few pics that snuck in there is on of me in a long blonde Lady GaGa wig that I wore to a party last week (im preparing myself for having extentions!) and also the amazing PB birthday cake bag that my friend had! not a huge PB fan myself but the detail was amazing! The pics  were edited with Fotoflexer but don't think they came out great in the collage I made   :-S
- Im heading into Birmingham tomorrow for  bit of shopping and a meal/drinks in the evening with my man which I am looking forward too. On the shopping list is some MAC make up, a yellow clutch bag (Ive seen a Paul Smith one I like) and also some undies 
- Dont forget to follow me on twitter and facebook, I have not got much up there yet but im working on it!

Blog hunt
My fav blog of the week is -
Why this one? - I like her style! she has fab skin too - not fair hurumph

I found a great giveaway on - she is giving away an Urban Decay palette! I have read so many posts on this and everyone is raving about it, I would get in there quick...


  1. I love your chihuahua background!!!! And that watch is to die for <3



  2. so cute!!


  3. Great pictures!!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment :) I was just having a browse through your blog and I absolutely love it, your dog is so cute !!! You have just gained a new follower :) haha.

  5. That watch is sooooo pretty. I am looking for a new one just like this so I think that some heavy hinting to hubby for our anniversary is in order. Thanks Kim for posting on my blog earlier too. Liesje x

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    Cute photos indeed, I'm loving how bling that watch is

  7. Fabulous pictures, new follower. Your blog is so adorable, as are you poochys!



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