Thursday, 2 February 2012

Rodial - part deux

First of all apologies it has taken a while to get this post up here, things have been a bit manic but I think I have good results to tell you about. For those of you who have not read the first post on this – I bought the Rodial Crash Diet kit to see if it would help me loose the excess pounds I put on over Xmas.
I have to say this was a long two weeks with a few slip ups along the way – but I generally stuck to the plan! So what was the plan – to have peach stick in the morning before breakfast, to replace a meal with the shake and also put the gel on twice a day.
The peach stick in the morning was easy, you just have to mix it with water – you can either have this as a full glass or like me just put a small amount of water in and down it! (get it over and done with I say) I think this did help to perk up energy levels so I am assuming it got the metabolism going! It tastes like watery peach juice, with a tang of `vitamin’ if you know what I mean
I decided at first to replace my evening meal with the shake – after a few days I began to struggle as this has always been the biggest meal of the day and it’s a time when I sat down with the other half. Watching him eat sausage and mash was torture – especially when I cooked it (now that’s willpower) It was also getting to the point where the smell of the dogs kibble was making me hungry and I was jealous of the fact they were able to have dinner....
I had to step away from the kibble and have my shake for lunch instead. You have the option of mixing it with water or with milk – I chose skimmed milk. The flavour is OK – it’s a strawberry banana flavour again with the taste of `vitamin’ I mixed in a couple of spoonfuls of low fat strawberry yoghurt which made the consistency more of a shake.
So my diet consisted of peach stick & a granola bar for breakfast, Shake for lunch, if desperate I would have a banana in the afternoon and then I would have a normal dinner – which would be something like chilli & rice, chicken fahita, spag bol & so on. I also drank two mugs of green tea a day.
Putting the gel on twice a day did feel like a bit of a chore because I assume most of the benefit is in the massaging action? And it took a while to do everyday – I only put this on my thighs, bum and hips because that is where I needed it most. The appearance of the skin definitely improved, but would massaging every day with any product produce the same results?
I have to say that the weekend was difficult and I did end up having wine...
Overall I managed to lose 5lbs, an inch off my thighs and waist and ½ inch off of my arms. Would I buy it again – yes because it did help me get into a diet routine and also the cost of it made sure that I was going to do it! It is a great product for a kick start or if you need to get into `that dress’ But it does make me want to compare it to a cheaper alternative to see if it is the product that works or if it’s the routine? Watch this space J


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