Monday, 9 July 2012


Good afternoon bloggers and readers! Just a quick post to let you all know I am up and running on twitter, I opened an account for my blog a while back but have only recently started to use it. I know people like to follow in different ways so if twitter is your thing then it would be great to see you on there.  If you would like to follow on twitter then my handle is below
I have not been twittering for long so sorry if I am repeating what you already know, but if you follow the #bbloggers & #fbloggers then you can find some really great blogs and you get to mingle with like minded people. I have recently started joining in on the #bbloggers weekly discussion on a Sunday evening at 8pm GMT, there is a different topic each week to join in on so worth having a look.
Bloggers I follow on twitter and worth having a look:
@TheBlackPearlB – beauty blogger with frequent links to posts, I love her blog!
@TattooedTeaLady – beauty blogger & twitterer – always something interesting to read on her twitter - she is currently arranging an east midlands meet up , if you are interested then have a look at her blog
@BeckyBedbug – fashion & beauty blogger - humorous tweets and frequent links to her outfit posts
@Hello_TerriLowe – beauty blogger with humorous tweets - favourite tweet so far? - `My mother should of told me my nans dog died. My usual joke of "wheres susan, is she dead yet?" didnt go down to well this time'


  1. Aaw, thank you! This makes me super happy!




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