Monday, 17 September 2012

Oskia Renaissance Mask - WIMH

Oskia is one of those brands which I have read about but have not ever been compelled to buy. So when I saw WIMH was giving away the Oskia Renaissance mask as this month’s `try’ I signed myself up to see if I would be lucky enough to receive a sample. To my delight I was sent a 15ml sample all neatly packaged with tissue paper labelled for Kim Taylor. I love receiving items in the post so this felt like a real treat when it arrived so beautifully!

Having received the sample I had a quick look on the Oskia website to read up about their products

Here is what Oskia have to say about the mask:
`Designed to increase cell turnover, boost radiance and packed with OSKIA’s trademark blend of beauty-boosting nutrients, this luxuriously-textured exfoliating mask leaves the complexion smoother, more refined and illuminated. Suitable for all skin types and with a fresh aromatic scent combining rose, passion fruit and chamomile, all organically certified, OSKIA’s Renaissance Mask works hard to remove tired skin cells and boost cell regeneration and ATP energy without aggressively stripping the top layers of the epidermis. Smoothes, softens, reduces the appearance of fine lines, imperfections and refines complexion’
What grabbed my attention is that it includes AHA’s (including passion fruit, lemon, papaya, grape and pineapple fruit acids) which act as gentle exfoliators to activate skin renewal. The enzymes from the AHA’s remove excess skin and cleanses congested pores. It also contains Butterbur which is a natural anti-histamine which soothes irritation and aids healing, sounds great for my spot prone skin.
The mask has a pinky/peach sorbet colour like that of Cliniques Moisture Surge. It has a thick gel like texture, different to other masks I have tried before, but actually feels quite creamy on the skin. To apply, you massage it into dry cleansed skin and leave it on for 10 minutes for sensitive skin and up to 20 for oily combination; I left it on for 15.
After the 15 mins, splash your face with water to activate the second stage which turns the mask into a creamy/milky texture and then rinse off. I liked how the mask changed when rinsing as this really left my skin feeling moisturised.
Once I had finished my skin looked clear and cleansed but not much different to any other mask. I was not until the next morning that I noticed a difference (I had applied at night) as my complexion did look a lot brighter and my pores were less visible.
I was actually quite surprised as the initial results were only OK and I was not expecting my skin to look much different in the morning.
 For me, I think this is a mask which I would use once or twice a month as a brightening treatment and the pot I received has more than enough for another few applications.
Having tried the mask I am now intrigued to try other items from Oskia, mainly the Micro Exfoliating Balm.
Have you tried the Renaissance Mask or the Exfoliating Balm?



  1. looks good. i'm really into facial masks :)


  2. I haven't heard about that brand before but it does sound very appealing to me! Also loving the way its packaged looks like they've really made an effort! :) x

  3. I wasnt lucky enough to be picked for this love the packaging

    btw i nominated u for the Liebster award

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