Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tresemme Back Comb Dust & V05 Give Me Texture Powder

I am forever on the quest for bigger hair, whether it suits me or not I long for big volume locks. I have heard good things about volume powders so I thought I would try out the VO5 Give Me Texture Powder and the Tresemme Texture Style Backcomb Dust

Both are a reasonable price at £4 for VO5 & £5.50 for Tresemme, you can get higher end versions on but I can’t see what the difference would be between a high & low end for this product

The idea is to sprinkle the powder on to the roots of dry hair before styling. It comes out as a white powder but when rubbed into the roots it turns opaque so it is not visible (don’t worry you won’t look like you have dandruff!)

Now the reason I am reviewing these together is because they both work exactly the same, I seriously could not tell the difference between the two, which is why I believe a higher end product would do the same.

So do they work? If you’re a back combing queen then I am sure you would get on well with these but for me it’s a no likey. If I wanted to go for the greasy scarecrow look then this would be right up my street, but on this occasion I will give it a miss.

The texture of my hair after application is horrible, like a squeaky/dry/claggy feeling. It does add volume but not in the neat way a mousse would so really it is down to what style you want and what hair type you have. I have fine oily hair, it is lank if it does not have volumising product in, but I still like it to look smooth. If you have long locks and you want to add more texture as well as volume then this is more suited for you. It just doesn’t work on my straight bob!

I have heard it is supposed to help with greasy roots as it absorbs the oil, I did not really find this with the powders and if anything made my hair feel dirtier.

So overall it does add volume but I do not like the texture the powders give. Have you bought any of these? How are you getting on with them?


  1. I've used the VO5 one before and I totally agree with what you said about the feeling of your hair after...just feels like I need to wash it again!

  2. There is a dry shampoo that does the same thing ! X

  3. I am dying to try out one of these! Good to know that you don't feel there's a difference between higher and lower end products.


  4. I don't really like this type of product either - give me a good ol' can of dry shampoo any day!

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  6. i feel the same way about those powders!

    when i was in highschool, my best friend at the time would use baby powder in her hair when she didn't have time to wash it. she had thick coarse hair so it really worked for her.

    i have the same hair as you and when i try it, it is just aweful


  7. I have the Tresemme one and I've used my friend's schwarzkopf version and I'm pretty sure they're all exactly the same! I think they really do give quite a lot of volume, but I absolutely HATE the texture of my hair when I've used them and I have to wash my hair twice to get it all out!

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