Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sephora Primal Instincts Palette/ Made In China

During my Sephora shopping trip I picked up the Primal Instincts palette by Sephora. I wanted to try something which I would not get in the UK, but also get something that I would use frequently. 

Looking at the palettes available, I was tempted to go for the moonshadow baked palette because the colours were beautiful and shimmery, but I knew I would not use a shimmery shadow everyday.
So I opted for the primal instincts one that has 14 shades of browns and purples which is ideal for both day and night. I tend to stick to brown shades for day so this really suited me, but I have enjoyed experimenting by adding a little purple in the crease and lining the eye.

I would say that the shadows are of good quality, OK for everyday use and fairly long lasting. However since finding out that the palette was made in China I felt a bit disappointed. I am not a makeup snob or anything but I am always a bit cautious about buying make up from China as the quality is thought to be poor (hence the lower prices)

Doing a quick search online it appears that NYC, Smashbox & ELF amongst others are also made in China (some state to be made in PRC which stands for Peoples Republic China - used as a marketing tool so they don't have to say made in China)

Having now bought and tried it, I like it. Although I might not have bought it if i'd have known it was made in China. However now that I know the quality is good I would buy it again.

Does this put you off? would you avoid buying a cosmetic product because it is made in China? 

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