Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lush Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder

The thought of using a body powder conjures up one memory which I think will stay with me and most other people forever. The Sunday night `your having a bath whether you need it or not’ ritual that occurred once a week as a child. This is not the quick wash & scrub of a weekday oh no, this is the works, nails clipped, ears cleaned, hair de-knotted and squeaky clean ready for the week ahead.  The grand finale being the thick coating of talc that was smothered head to toe as too much accidentally puffs out of the tub. It also covered the floor, the towel, your parent’s clothes and left a trail on the carpet as you walked to the bedroom.

So why in that case, did I go and buy a body powder at the weekend? Because it was from Lush of course! Whilst walking around the shop doing the sniff test, I came across the Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder and immediately loved the smell (the sniff test being if I like the smell it goes in the basket regardless of its purpose) although as of late, with budgets being tight I have made myself spend at least 30 seconds deciding whether I really need something before it end up in the basket.  

For example:

Q: Do I use talc? – A: No 
Q: Do I like using talc? – A: No
Q: What happened to the last body powder I bought? – A:  Gave it to mum/might still be in my draw
Q: Will I use it if I buy it? – A: Well if it smells like that then yes! 

Justification right there and only after 20 seconds, in the basket it goes. And to add fuel, my husband was stood next to me saying `come on are you buying that or what’ as I was in the thinking zone, that to me translated into 'buy it'. However later that day he told me it actually meant 'I want to get the hell out of here it’s hurting my nose/giving me a head ache'

Now from my experience you’re either a vanilla person or you’re not, I quite clearly am. The smell is amazing; you will definitely get your vanilla kick from this if you’re in need of a hit. Each pot has a vanilla pod in so that it continues to infuse the powder as it sits in your draw and also gives it a stronger scent.

The powder is light and it does make the skin feel smooth, but like with any powder you do not want to over do it, you have to be careful when squeezing the tube as too much easily puffs out. Body powders are designed to absorb excess moisture, I only apply a light dusting so it does not dry out the skin, just enough to make the skin silky and smelling sweet (the modern way to do talc - sorry mum) Another reason not to apply a thick layer is because excessive use of talc is not good for you, (google it) but everything in moderation is my motto.

How others have have used it?

-          Dry shampoo – I won’t be doing this as I don’t get on with dry shampoo
-          Sprinkle on the bed sheets
-          Put it on the dog! – I would love to give Moji a quick dusting of this, especially when he has not long been bathed and has already reverted to eau de dog. But I’m always cautious using human products on the dogs, their skin might react differently
-          Using it to soak up moisture between showers – sweaty betty
-          Sprinkling on pot pourri – that’s if you’re old enough to own/want some

Have you tried it? How do you use it?

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  1. Ha ha! This post has taken me right back to Sunday night bath night. The only time I use baby powder is as dry shampoo as I hate normal dry shampoos, too suffocating.

  2. ohhhh i love lush, haven't used talk since i was a little kid

  3. I love lush, I definitely want to try their hair products. Great blog!

  4. Haha,super post!Haven´t tried this.

  5. This sounds amazing!!!

  6. I just did the EXACT same thing as you yesterday! And then got home and went "whaaaaat?". Thanks for the tips :)

  7. Talc of some kind is an essential for the beach if you have children and pretty useful if you don't. A dusting of powder and wet sand brushes off and clothes and shoes slide on easily. I also use powder after cutting my kids' hair - again it just brushes off. Years ago, I bought Lush Flower Garden Talc and it lasted years. Every time it was empty, I filled up with baby powder. You could make some cheap beach talc putting an old vanilla pod in some powder - wet sand needs a generous amount.

  8. I've always been such a huge fan of LUSH but as a new vegan I'm delving even further into their products. Something for everything! Great post! :)
    I have a fairly new blog if you'd like to check it out. :)

    Em xo

  9. Awesome review! I haven't used any dusting powders like this in a few years, but this one sounds lovely! :)


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