Friday, 9 March 2012

Round up of the week

Yet another week has passed, they seem to be flying by and my wedding is only 6 weeks away. I think the worry is starting to kick in though, I had a dream last night of the morning of the wedding and nothing was going to plan and I ended up being 2 ½ hours late! Ooops luckily it was only a dream...
 - Planning to have a chilled one this weekend, a takeaway with take me out is on the cards me thinks! Crispy duck and pancakes om nom nom
 - You can still enter my giveaway! it is closing on Monday so make sure you enter before then
 - Its Ian’s birthday next week and I am trying to decide what to get him – he is a typical bloke being difficult to buy for, any ideas? I might get him a piece of jewellery, seeing as I am always looking out for new accessories & beauty products I came across these:

Toms - University classics - £37 (Schuh)
Michael Kors - Dylan chronograph watch (Michael
Beams Plus - Fair isle socks - £20 (Net-a-porter)
Personalised vintage letter tile cufflinks £25.50 (not on the


  1. LOve the supercute socks :)

    Anneli x

  2. I like the watch!No blog of the week this time?

    1. No! I was a bit slack last week, will have one this week though :-)

  3. I love the watch... It's always a safe gift for a guy. My boyfriend used to wear toms and they ruin so easily, they tear at the toes and the sole comes loose after the slightest wear and tear... Not at all worth the money in my opinion but a good alternative (with a cheaper price tag and better longevity are flossy plimsolls. If you type it into google you should easily enough find the website. They come in around 16 colours and if you buy 2 pairs you get one free (£19.99 each)


  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog :) Love yours, you've got yourself a new follower! The watch and the cuff links are definitely something my boyfriend would wear! xx

  5. love the watch

  6. Think the watch is a pretty good idea and something he can wear every day and think of you x

    Click here to get your daily buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

  7. The watch is lovely, but I think the cufflinks are the best! They're a bit different, I might have to steal the idea for my brother's birthday!

  8. Stopping by from Blog Hop Til You Drop!

  9. that nail polish is amazing! i love it and ur blog is fantastiic i'm a follower now :)
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