Monday, 26 March 2012

Jewellery by ZM


Last week I wrote a post on the cute clips & earrings by Rose Ultra who I came across on Etsy. This week I am collaborating with Zydre from Jewellery by ZM to show her lovely jewellery.  What I like about this range is that it is all sterling silver which means it will last – sometimes you can pay the same price for costume jewellery which is a tad pricey for what you get.
The selection arrived in a white box with a ribbon tied around it (love it!) all were neatly lined up and protected with soft padding – which is good when posting delicate items (and good for us packaging loving freaks)
The items included:
Leaf & bird necklace
The tiniest skull necklace
Wishbone charm necklace
Flashy smooth laboradite necklace
Aqua chalcedony & pearl earrings

My favourite? The skull necklace – it’s small enough to be cute but not so small it disappears into the outfit. I love skull jewellery and this fits in with my collection nicely! Also loving the colour of the laboradite on the flashy smooth necklace

Check out the Jewellery by ZM Etsy page to have a look at the whole range - there is lots more to lust after!

What is your favourite item?

Friday, 23 March 2012

What Kimmi Did Next - Round Up of The Week


Hello people! I enjoyed last weeks post where I did a week in pics so thought I would do it again!

1) Me in my new sun hat! getting ready for my honeymoon in 4 weeks! Forever 21
2) New bikini forever 21(beware a lot of items are Forever 21 this week!)
3) Champagne bar! oh yes
4) Reserved table dahling
5) Outside the Bullring - love this building (and its contents)
6,7,8) Forever 21 - ooops spent a bit much!
9) caught in the `putting on slap' act

This weekend I will be going to see my gorgeous nieces and take them to the jungle gym for a bit of a play around! what are you up to?

Blog hunt
My fave blog of the week is -
Why this one? sunny, happy outfit posts!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

MAC - Hue


On my MAC haul I bought this glaze lipstick in Hue - not because everyone raves about it but this is what was suggested to me by the make-up artist. I was after a nude shade which gives a little pink & sheen finish which Hue defo is, its a great everyday shade but great if you want statement eyes and subtle lips. This is for my wedding which is now 4 1/2 weeks away! aahhhh, I need to do a make up dress rehearsal, I was trying to keep my wedding make up fresh for the day but I couldnt wait and am wearing Hue all the time now!
Have you tried Hue or other glaze MAC lipsticks?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Neon Brights -Accessories from Forever 21


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had these black and white stripy trousers and did not know what to put with them - having surfed the net and browsed the shops I decided to go for a bight top & accessories and make a statement outfit. I added some forever 21 accessories to this - OMG it was so hard to choose, the amount of accessories in the Bullring Forever 21 is EPIC! There is a great selection and the prices are good too - you should defo check it out.
I think the acid yellow with the purple and bright coral work really well together - this is the sort of outfit I would wear either on a night out or on holiday is the hot sun! seeing as I am going to Antigua soon this is perfect!  

Yellow bag - Purple ring & Coral necklace - all Forever 21
Trousers - River Island
Top Forever 21

Friday, 16 March 2012

Round Up of The Week

Hi everyone, hope you had a good week! I fancied doing a week in pictures so here goes:

ooooh loving a bit of Yo - what to have?
See I was good! didnt have too much

Hmmmm chopsticks - love them or hate them?
Massive flower in the Swarovski window

Amazing necklaces - cant decide between small and elegant or statement piece

Why try one on when you can try four?

Bored `in the car in rush hour' pic (wasn't driving!)

A building named after me....

Pub garden in the sun - lovely!

Pups enjoiyng a bit of sunshine

Treats from the sweetie shop!


Trying to pick the right shade of powder

Loving the colours!

New No7 mirror - would recommend!

- Its the other half's birthday this weekend, planning a day out in Birmingham for a spot of shopping tomorrow. I have bought him an Ipad 3! yes I managed to get one :-) this post wont spoil the surprise though because he has it now (had to have it on the day of release!)
- I will be having a giveaway of the Rose Ultra goodies that were sent to me so watch this space :-) 
- Talking of giveaways - i came across this MAC lipstick one, you can pick the shade you want too!
And this £40 MAC giveaway too! 

Blog hunt
My blog of the week is
Why this one? I like the unusual jewellery - and the cupcakes in the latest post are om nom nom

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