Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sephora Haul

On my recent trip to the states, I had my first Sephora shopping experience. While walking down the Vegas strip I spotted a store and shouted `OMG SEPHORA’ of course I had to go in and explore. Seeing as I was with my husband and parents, I vowed/brownies honoured only to spend 10 minutes in there for a quick mooch. Seeing as that amount of time only allowed me to look at what was practically in the door way, I secretly promised Sephora I would be back later for another visit.

Later that evening we were in the casino having a little flutter on the fruit machines and my mum won $100 on a $1 bet! With my birthday being around the corner she handed her winnings to me and said `Treat yourself in Sephora’ so sweet of her! Naturally I took up her offer and booked in shopping time with my husband, I had to give him a warning well in advance.

If you have not shopped in Sephora before, it can be compared to the beauty department in boots. However there are no counters to approach with sales people behind them, the stock is shelved up like high street make up is in boots. I liked this approach as I felt free to look at everything and really take my time swatching and reading packaging.

Another thing I loved is the minis that are available. Comparing it again, in boots you can get mini shampoos/conditioners etc of high street brands to try. However in Sephora there are minis of higher end brands which makes it more accessible to try new things. I picked up a 15ml Caudalie hair oil, which I could not decide between that or a mini Ojon oil as I have heard both are good.

I wanted to try some Sephora branded make up as I would not be able to get that in the UK, my choice was to get the Primal Instincts pallet & Rose Sorbet blusher. I also picked up an OPI for Sephora nail varnish, hard to resist when all the different colours are lined up! I chose the shade Meet for Drinks

Finally I picked up a couple of lip products, YSL rouge volupte shine lipstick in Rouge in Danger (because I have wanted a YSL lippy for ages) and Lip Tar in Electric Grandma (impulse buy because I liked the colour) 

Have you been to Sephora? what did you buy?


  1. The sephora pallette is really nice!! Great pick!

  2. that sephora palette looks gorgeous! I'd love to try a ysl lipstick too:)xx

  3. I love Sephora!
    I also love Caudalie! One of my fave brands but haven't tried that hair oil!
    Ojon I really do recommend!
    Also I love there packaging and bags too, so nice!


  4. I have been to Sephora in Paris before but you can barely get near any counters without being approach by a sale assistant. I didn't really like that. I think I need to visit Sephora in America now because it seems like they have better stuff. Love the look of YSL lipstick and OCC Lip Tar!

  5. You did some amazing shopping! Love everything you bought!
    Think I have to stop by the sephora to get that eyeshadowpallet hehe.

    x Jana

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