Friday, 19 April 2013

Cherry Carmex Lip Balm

Having tried the pots of Carmex in the past and not really liking them, I was not expecting much from the squeezy tube version. I only bought it because there was hardly any choice in the shop I bought it from, in fact I bought it with a bit of a hurumph as I thought it would end up in the box of no return that hides under my bed.

As it turns out its the best lip balm I have bought in years! normally I am a fan of a trusty tin of Vaseline, but I was getting fed up of gauging the top with my nail and also the thought of germs getting into the tin was starting to put me off using it. This squeezy tube is so easy to use, in fact too easy as I keep on putting it on and leaving it on my desk ready for the next go.

Since using this my lips are flake free, I used to get pieces of skin flaking off my lips, very gross. But this Carmex is really hydrating and keeps my lips soft and smooth. Even if I skip a day or so, my lips are still soft, normally as soon as I stop using a lip balm my lips would dry up again.

I love the smell too, its like a cherry menthol and tingles on application. Other flavours I have seen are mint and strawberry, think I might try the mint one next for extra tingly freshness. With it only being £2.69 I wouldn't mind getting all flavours!

It does contain lanolin which I know some people have reactions to, but it works really well for me. I tend to buy hand creams with lanolin in as it makes my skin very soft

This is definitely a rebuy item, have you tried it?


  1. i've been meaning to try carmex, i need to break out of my vaseline box i'm stuck in. I can't go without anything on my lips, and get panicky if i don't have vaseline on me, definitely going to try this!

    Cassie xx

  2. I have the mint version of this and it's so great when my lips are chapped! xx

  3. Never tried Carmex but really need to give it ago, only hear good things about it xx

  4. I like the tubes of this it works wonders for me.

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  6. Love this! I swear by carmex! I have mint, strawberry and cherry but Original is my favorite! It is so reasonably priced! Its always on offer in superdrug or boots! At savers, body care its between £1.30- £2.50 and even primark sell it now! Its amazing! Far better than Vaseline because it is always greasy and you get it everywhere.


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