Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Everyday Foundation

A plain canvas is where every artist starts before they create their masterpiece. The same applies with us mere mortals trying to compose art on our faces, or at least look half decent as we leave of a morning. But unlike that of an artist, to get to a blank canvas takes time and products, lots of products. Primers, foundation, concealers, powders are to name but a few, not to mention all the brushes & tools (in my case trowel) involved before we can even think about blusher. It’s not exactly the fun part of applying makeup but in my opinion its one of the most important – get it wrong and boy do you (and the world) know it.

Getting the right colour, coverage & finish for my skin is an ongoing battle, just when I think I have got it nailed, my hormones decide to protest and throw a spanner in the works. Here is what I currently use, however there's always more room in that makeup bag for more miracle workers...

MAC Prep & Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer - Neutralize -  I really like the finish that this primer gives, it evens out skin tone and makes pores less visible. As it is tinted, it works well on its own with a touch of concealer for that natural `i'm not wearing make up look' I wouldn't say it holds make up in place but it gives an even complexion ready for foundation. Having oily skin I was concerned that this would be too illuminating, but its not, it just adds a little glow.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Bone 17 -  this is the best foundation I have used to date. The full coverage is just what I need at the moment, it covers all imperfections and stays in place all day. The texture is light compared to other high coverage foundations I have used which makes application easy and buildable for full on coverage.

Garnier BB cream - Light - I was given this from a friend, I don't think I would have gone out and bought this but I have liked using it. I use this on days where I do not want to do my make up (Sunday!) but want to have light/natural coverage. I apply this all over my face and then use a little powder to set. To me this is like a tinted moisturiser, it doesn't particularly help to cover fine lines etc that BB creams claim to do.

MAC Select Coverup - NW20 - If you are looking for a concealer that will hide anything then I would suggest you try this! as mentioned earlier, my skin has not been great recently and this has really helped to cover those pesky spots. Only thing with this is that I always seem to squeeze out too much!

Benefit Fake-up Concealer - Light -  I use this under my eyes to cover dark circles, the combo of concealer & moisturiser/primer helps to avoid the creased eye look. It is very silky so easy to apply, a bit too easy because of its slippery texture! I was concerned it would slide off my face, but it stays in place all day. I find this is light reflecting so works well to disguise dark circles.

MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder Compact - NC20 - I bought this to use as a setting powder, with it being sheer it does not look too powdery. I use this by either patting it on with the applicator that came in the compact, this really fixes everything in place. Or by using a brush and applying a a few light sweeps, all depending on how I feel that day!


  1. I actually tried the BB cream from Garnier as well. I loved how light it felt

  2. the beneit concealer is so amazing! it never seems to crease!


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