Thursday, 18 July 2013

Estée Lauder Cello Shots - Pure Color Cheek Rush Review - Pink Patent Fresh Sheer

When Estée Lauder launched their new range of Cello Shots cheek colours it ticked a number of boxes for me - pinky red shades - check, lightweight - check, buildable - check, all of which made these new blushes appeal. I went and made my purchase from John Lewis for £24.00 (see here) which I think is reasonable for an Estée Lauder blush.

There are four shades to choose from, Hot Fuse (red), Pink Patent (light pink), Techno Jam (plum) & X-pose Rose (darker pink). I chose Pink Patent as the others looked quite dark, however now I have found out how sheer they are I would like to experiment with the other shades too.

I love the packaging, the pump top makes for mess free application. I found that if I did a slow pump more would come out than necessary (shown as a squiggle in the pic below) so I tend to use one quick pump on each cheek.

As the name suggests it is sheer, when it first comes out it looks quite strong but once blended on the skin it leaves a light sheer flush of colour. In my opinion this is like a cheek stain, once on its not going anywhere! which means you have to be quick with your application, like real quick because it dries fast. I found the best way to apply this is to pat the gel onto the skin, I think using a brush would be too abrasive and the initial moist texture with the brush could lift off some foundation.

I usually wear this with just one layer, but it also looks nice built up into a stronger colour. However if your looking for a strong colour I think these would be too sheer (although I can not comment on all shades as I have only tried this one)

Overall I like this blush, seeing as it acts like a stain it is suitable for oily skin as it stays put all day. I was initially concerned as other sheer products I have tried were a bit on the creamy/greasy side which is not suitable for my skin at all.

Have you tried these? what are your thoughts?


  1. This looks really nice. I like how subtle it looks on your cheek but how intense it is when it comes out of the pump. I'm glad it stays put all day as well, nothing I hate more than my blush fading throughout the day.

    - Rhi x

  2. The packaging is definitely unique and the colour is gorgeous!

  3. awesome review,is a beautiful color :)

  4. I tried this in the store and loved the texture and sheer finish. But the pricing in India is really high, its much more expensive here so I'll wait till u travel and buy from a duty free.

  5. I've had my eye on the purple one from this collection!


  6. This colour is so pretty I really want to try these!

  7. Wow this is a really unique product and the color payoff is amazing!!

    Maddy @

  8. ohhh its so cute packaging!

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  9. These look adorable! I'm definitely going to try to pick one up although I usually don't splurge on high end blushers. The colour is stunning on you!

  10. can be perfect for hot summer on the beach :)


  11. so pretty! love the consistency and the pump bottle design. must go to the shops and try it in person. thanks for sharing.


  12. looks so pretty and subtly. gret post.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  13. It looks so beautiful! I'm always a bit unsure of cream blushes, but this one looks so lovely! x

  14. OMG this looks seriously beautiful.. I've not seen these on any other blogs but £24 is a very good price! I would love one of these, it looks so lovely xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  15. That's beautiful pink babe

    Very good one


    Y from Singapore

  16. though i dont prefer cheek tints this one sounds so amazing
    i love the way it gives the perfect flush of pink on your cheeks!!

  17. I'm so intrigued by these and I LOVE pink blusher so this one would be my perfect colour!


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