Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rituals Good Luck Scrub - Sugar Body Scrub

Walking past the rituals store in town, I spotted one of their new ranges named Laughing Budda. I popped in to have a look and noticed that all items were named about good fortune and happiness - there's the Happy Budda Shower Foam, Fortune Oil and even a Bliss Stick. I was drawn to the Good Luck Sugar Body Scrub as I needed to buy a new exfoliator, I tried it out at the `water island' and was quickly sold. 

Now I have not exactly been down on my luck but my luck levels could do with topping up, especially with another round of treatment looming. A scrub with added luck - perfect! I love quirky names for products, easily pleased I know.

As expected it smells delightful, the sweet orange & cedar wood make a lovely sweet combination which is not too overpowering. It contains organic sugar & softening oils to really nourish the skin once exfoliated. What I like about this is that the sugar dissolves as you are using it, mixing into the oils to leave a soft & smooth surface. 

I am sometimes put off of scrubs containing oils because they tend to sit on my skin creating a greasy layer which I hate! I was worried this was going to be the case with the Good Luck Scrub too but its not. It leaves just the right amount of oil on the skin to have a lovely softening effect without it being too heavy. 

Overall it is a great scrub, it gets rid of dead skin leaving your skin lovely and soft and the fragrance gives a luxurious feel too. I think I might try other items in this range, have you tried any yet?


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