Monday, 8 July 2013

Soap and Glory Haul

I nipped into Boots at weekend to stock up on some much needed cleanser, I was literally scraping out empties for the last few days to collect enough cleanser to wash my face. As Soap and Glory is currently on offer (three for two) I decided to buy a few bits from the range. I ended up purchasing the Peaches and Clean Cleanser, The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Clear Here Moisture Lotion.

Firstly I have to comment on the new packaging, the new streamline and basic branding is a far cry from the tongue & cheek signature pink packets. But I have to say I actually like it, it gives a clean feel to the range and would sit well on any bathroom shelf, plus they havn't given up on the cheeky names. The reality is that the revamp is likely part of a cost down project, but I think they have done a good job, I particularly like the squeezy tooth paste tubes!

On to the purchases - Peaches and Clean Cleanser. I was drawn to this as it is aimed at clogged T-zones and is deeply purifying, this ticks boxes for me. This went quickly into the basket along with the Clear Here Moisture Lotion which is also aimed at T-Zone control.

On closer inspection at home, I noticed a few things on the packaging of both of these that pointed out that these were for younger skin, for example:

"A few pumps of peaches and clean of an evening (or morning if you have fallen asleep with your make up on)"

Now you would only go to sleep with makeup on as teenager right?  this was backed up by the undeniable statement of "analysed on a group of oil-afflicted teenagers" on the Clear Here moisturiser packaging.

It doesn't exactly make me feel great that I still have to use products aimed at teenagers, I was hoping I had moved on from that now. I wouldn't have bought them if I noticed that in the shop, after all if an anti ageing cream stated it had been "analysed on a group of flaky skinned OAP's" it wouldn't be accepted. However I didn't read the label properly so my bad.

After the first few uses of the Peaches & Clean, I already know I am not going to get along with this one! in my opinion it is far to creamy to help with blocked pores but I need to give this a proper go before I can comment fully. One thing I can say though is that it smells of peach schnapps - not a great idea for those hungover teens who have left their makeup on all night....

My first comments of the moisturiser is that it is light, fresh and mattifying. So far so good although I am not expecting to get much more out of it than that .

Lastly is the Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser which is so far my favourite out of the three. It smells lovely and removes all traces of make up, again so far so good. My only comment so far is that the cloth is way to abrasive, I am not sure if this is because my Liz Earl ones have been washed to death and have become all floppy (which I am comparing it too) it may well become softer after a few washes.

Overall a bit of a mixed bag! Have you tried any of these items? what are your thoughts on the new packaging?


  1. I've tried the clear here moisturiser, it didn't do much for me but it was nice to try!

  2. the peaches and clean smells soooo good, but all there stuff does!



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