Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Eye Make-Up Remover Challenge - Budget Nivea Double Effect Versus Premium Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover - Part Two

In case you did not see part one of this two part post, click here to get up to speed.

So here we go, on my right eye I used Clarins to remove my eye make-up and then Nivea on my left. I caked on the make up nice and thick starting with primer then using dark shades, liquid eyeliner and water proof mascara (I did say it was a challenge) By the way I am aware my face is not matching my neck! I used a back up "wrong shade but would use if desperate" foundation for playing around with.

I then used about a 50p sized amount on a cotton pad and held it on the eye for about 10 seconds, moving the pad and holding it again to dissolve all make-up. After the pad has been held on the eye I wiped gently a few times until the pad was full with make up.

As you can see below, the initial pad showed that Nivea removed more on the first pad! quite surprised by this! lets see what the next few pads show

So here are the results, I ended up using three pads on each eye before all make up was gone. As you can see both Nivea and Clarins had a similar pattern although Nivea removed more in the first stage compared to Clarins which removed more in the later stages. Apart form the first pad there is not a lot in it for a comparison, but what it does show is that both a high end product & a budget product provides similar results.

So I am quite surprised by the results, I was expecting a lot more from the Clarins! was you?

As I mentioned in the first post, the Nivea separated quite quickly once shook so you have to quickly put it on to the pad. Comparing this to Clarins, it mixed well and it wasn't such a hurry. 

Nivea has no scent at all where as Clarins smells delightful! it takes the chore element out of make up removal because it is such a treat to use. But at £17.00 that is exactly what it is, a treat, and I think I would get more pleasure out of a bath soak or body oil for £17.00 as a treat. 

 Both my lids felt the same, no residue, make up free and ready for the next step.

Overall they both achieve the same thing, the only difference in my opinion is the fragrance. Is it worth £15 more for a nice smell in your eye make up remover?  Sorry Clarins, I love you but on this occasion Nivea won.


  1. wow, I wasn't expecting Nivea to be so good! Personally I would go for the Nivea one too

    Yet Another Make Up Blog

  2. Me neither.. Thanks for the share

  3. Great review! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I try Nivea cleansers. They always seem to be really good! xx

    D Is For...

  4. Nivea makeup removers always make my eyes water :(

  5. Brilliant post - surprised that the Nivea beat the Clarins!

    Futures; a Beauty & lifestyle blog

  6. Wow love this comparison post! I love when drug store posts perform this well!

    -Maddy @ www.BeautyBanterBlog.com

  7. Fab comparison post. Never tried the Nivea one def gonna give it a go xxx


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