Friday 16 August 2013

Benefit Fake Up Crease Control Hydrating Concealer Review

This little beaut has been a staple in my make-up bag for the past few months, after weeks of usage it is definitely worth a blog post. I was drawn to this because of its crease control claims, I hate it when concealer creases up around the eyes and sinks into every crevice & for that reason its claims instantly captured my attention.

I use this to cover up dark circles and to disguise fine lines around my eyes, it has a very smooth texture so it is light on the delicate eye area & makes application easy. There are currently three shades to choose from (light, medium & dark) light is actually a perfect match for me so no concerns over a colour match. It seems to have been quite popular so they may well bring out more shades in the future.

The concealer consists of two different formulas, the outer part is the moisturiser made up of vitamin E & apple seed and the center is for the coverage. Initially I thought there was too much moisturiser versus actual concealer (as there is just the small part in the middle) but on application they blend together well to give a soft & silky concealer.

The claims are that it keeps your skin hydrated for 6 hours without creasing, I find this to be true & works well to keep the creases at bay. Its light enough for the eyes but also has a decent coverage to cover dark circles. 

At £18.50  it is at the higher end for a concealer (particularly if you on use it on your under eye area like me) but I have found it has lasted well and works as it is supposed too so I would purchase this again 

Over all I enjoy using this concealer and would buy it again, have you tried this yet?


  1. I really want to try this, but £18.50 is a lot especially if it's not really suitable for areas other than the eyes :/ I do love the idea of the moisturising part for under the eyes though.

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

  2. I love this :) it's the only concealer I'd use under my eyes now! It feels amazing on and is so effective, well worth the money xx

    D Is For...

  3. I've never tried it because I'm too in love with Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream but it sounds good!

    Annie |

  4. This is definitely on my purchasing list!
    Benefit has just opened up here in N.Z and I'm hooked onto their Hello Flawless collection, They tested that concealer on me too and I LOVE it!

  5. I really need to find a concealer that hides the dark under my eyes that doesn't crease!! Will look into this one.

    JS Beauty & Style. MAC giveaway running

  6. Sounds great, I'd love to see a swatch and how it looks under your eyes!

    -Maddy @

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