Monday, 19 August 2013

Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Anti Blemish Day Cream Review

Moisturisers & oily skin, a tricky combination that requires an equal balance of moisturisation & oil regulation. Get it wrong and all hell breaks loose, trust me I know all to well. There's been many an occasion where I buy a moisturiser after testing it on the back of my hand and I say to myself  "oh it makes my skin feel so soft" yes dear I am sure it does on a dry hand but on a greasy face? oh no. I would love to be able to buy those ultra rich vitamin packed moisturisers, but my pores just don't want to play ball.

When I spotted the Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream it instantly ticked many boxes - Light moisturising day cream - check, Easily absorbed - check, Regulates oil - check, Anti-bacterial - check, Was this day cream made for me? - check, Should I buy this right now? - Absolutely 

It pleases me greatly when I find a moisuriser for oily skin which is not gel based texture, somehow they just don't seem to cut it, yes they mattify but they do not really moisturise. The texture of this cream reminds me of cliniques dramatically different (the old one, I have not tried the new one yet) and absorbs into the skin fully to leave a smooth surface.

I use this as directed, in the morning after cleansing applied to face & neck. I found that it has helped with the midday shine and has not "broken through" my make-up, but it has still left my skin feeling moisturised. What I really like about this is the Anti Blemish Complex as it protects your skin whilst moisturisng to prevent further breakouts.

Over all I am pleased I have found this moisturiser, for me it seems to be the right balance for a day cream so I would repurchase this - I bought mine from Boots £15.49 for 50ml 

What are your thoughts on this moisturiser?


  1. Lovely packaging and the product sounds really good :)


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