Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Estee Lauder – Signature 5 Tone Shimmer Powder - Bronze Shimmer


This little gem was in my Christmas stocking this year - it’s always a bonus to get something you actually like that you didn’t ask for (but how wrong can you go with Estee Lauder!)
First of all I am a sucker for packaging, I don’t even like to throw the box away for a while – (how sad is that!) and this doesn’t disappoint as it is a compact so good for having in your hand bag. It doesn’t come with a brush though, which personally I do not mind because I think the small brushes are no good for a bronzer.
I tend to go for a pink blush so it was a nice change to use a bronzer however I will not give up blush for this shimmer powder , I prefer to use this for an overall glow and to add to the blush.
The five colours also work well for eye shadows and are the kind of colours I tend to use on my eyes.
I have swatched the five colours on the back of my hand (I apologise for the bear like appearance)


  1. I love EL!! So good that you can use it as eyeshadows as well :)

  2. I keep hearing good reviews for Estee, but I never really tried their products! This seems to be a good product, I think I would consider this :) I love natural tones (even though I barely wear makeup D: )

    Jo Bao ♥

  3. That bronzer has amazing colors, they are very pretty. I love estee lauder they have some of the lightest and best makeup!


  4. So gorgeous Kimmi! i've been wanting to get one for ages! They really gives your face a healthy, lovely glow <3

  5. This is one of my favourite Estee Lauder products. Wish mine still looked like that but it's running low x



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