Friday, 27 January 2012

What's going on?

What Kimmi Did Next round up of the week

- I have been nominated for blog of the month on the British Style Bloggers website! very happy to be shortlisted and hope that I win January blog of the month! BSB is a great site for mingling and meeting other bloggers too! check out their website

- This weekend is menu tasting for the wedding! getting excited about trying out the lush food! om nom nom, seems like we are doing something wedding related each weekend but then I suppose it will be here before you know it
- I am fancying a bit of Yo Sushi action this weekend - it is 40% off up until the end of the month so I will be taking advantage of that! and it is supposed to be very healthy  - does that still count if you have the deep fried plates...
- The budget Vs blowout post has inspired me to do more comparisons - next week I will be comparing a Primark mascara with a Maybelline! - do you guys think this type of post is interesting?

Beth Ditto for Mac

Mac & Beth Ditto are collaborating for a cosmetics range! this should be a really exciting range as Beth is known for her unique style! I love this pic - its great that a cosmetic brand are using a REAL woman for its campaign, it makes a nice change! Looking forward to seeing the range they have put together - but we are going to have to wait until June for more info! dont be mean Mac...

Blog hunt

My blog of the week is:
Why this one? Because Kayleigh is a creative blogger and takes inspiration from other bloggers/youtube and makes it her own


While slurping my diet coke (yes DIET) I noticed the voucher on the side of the can for Benefit make up. It is a £5 off voucher when you spend £20! and lets face it your bound to spend at least £20 on Benefit makeup!
I love the new designs on the cans aswell - I am a bit of a saddo for packaging! Anyway to get the £5 you need the code which is on the ring pull - simples


  1. Congratulaions honey!!!Good luck!
    xoxo Sabrina

  2. Thank you for mentioning me Kim, you made my day! BIG SMILES! :-D
    Congratulations on being short listed, fingers crossed!

    Kayleigh. x

  3. Congrats !! I never knew coke cans did that, I must check it out :)


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