Friday, 3 August 2012

Almost Daily Diary #3 first fail

Just a quick one today - as the title suggests I have failed today's health challenge by having WINE ooops,  I have had a but of troubling news today so I will let myself off. Really have not done great today, must...try...harder...

What I have eaten today:

Breakfast: Nature Valley oat bar 198 cals
Lunch:3 large snack a jack rice cakes 105 cals, 1 banana 100 cals
Dinner: turkey salad with avocado & mozzarella - This really is my fave salad and you get all the nutrients you need with it too 425
Dessert - Nakd choc orange bar 200 cals - (love these and its all fruit & nuts) 
Drinks: two cups of coffee, 1 bottle of sparkling elderflower water 20 cals, 1 glass of diet coke
Total cals: 1248

FAIL: glass of wine (200 cals) - I just needed that Friday night wine :-S probably feel crap about it tomorrow

Exercise: erm hoovering?

Thoughts of the day:
I want a glass of wine tonight
Does hoovering for an hour count as exercise?


  1. I had an AWFUL day today food-wise! :( Yours is a strict regime in comparison. #TomorrowWillBeBetter!

  2. I don't think wine is bad! As long as it's one glass. Personally any soda diet or regular is what makes me feel like crap. Try to avoid it as much as possible!

  3. You have still done really well, even with the glass of wine your calories are still way low enough for weight loss :) And hoovering for an hour definitely counts I'd say, I always include all of my cleaning into how much activity I've done lol x

  4. I think you deserve a glass of red wine :)


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