Sunday, 5 August 2012

Random pics that I want to share! camera & phone pics

Clockwise in three sets:
Cacee Nails / Shade BFF/Helen? / Scrub our nose in it & Sanctuary Microdermabrasion / Maggie putting her head in the choc a blok tub / Moji  / Mr & Mrs mugs for tea time / Paul Frank Chi lip balm / Maggie close up / My attempt at nail art  / I want this BB thickening range  / GB Birthday card  / Topshop sign (similar to another I have seen..)  / Pic of me / My Orchid which I have not killed yet! / My Eiffel Tower bag/ Louboutin exhibition sign!


  1. very original bag!!

    Maggie is really cute!!

  2. Nice pics and your dog is adorable! ^_^



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