Monday, 13 August 2012

Almost Daily Diary #6

Tut tut, no daily diary from me for a few days. Sorry but this is how I roll (literally, after the weekend of eating I have just had) 
I went away CAMPING for a few days, which was a spur of the moment decision. Camping is not usually my thing; the regulars could tell this by the way I had all my beauty products out on the side next to the only mirror in the toilets.
My Liz Earl cleanse & polish did not have the same luxurious feel to it using it in the shitting shed of the camp site. I also managed to drop the cloth on the shower floor (MANKY) it will now have to be bleached & boiled.

We camped near the sea side so you know what that means food wise: crap, crap and more crap with a side order of lard. But it was oh so good, I mean, really good, I don’t want to tell you what I ate but let’s just say I indulged a bit and now I am paying the price. I can really feel the difference after being quite healthy for a few weeks and then over indulging, I feel bloated, greasy and gross. It is a cycle I can’t seem to get out of; maybe I am being too strict on good days?

 It doesn't sound it but I did have a great time camping; I am not going to sacrifice a good weekend every now and again just to be stick thin, it’s all about moderation.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Nature Valley Oat bar 198 cals

Lunch: Tandoori chicken sandwich 270 cals & Baked cheese & onion crisps 152 cals

Dinner: Carrot & Coriander soup – 270 cals – 2 of five a day

Snacks: 1 Banana 100 cals, 1 apple 50 cals, 3 snack a jacks 90 cals

Drinks: 1 bottle of Blueberry & Raspberry sparkling water 20 cals, 3 cups of coffee, I cup of tea, 1 can of diet pepsi

Total cals: 1130

Thoughts of the day:

·       Does flavoured sparkling water count as seeing as it has sweeteners in?
·       Maybe I should start the Rodial Crash Diet, I have been putting it off a few weeks now
·       Still not eating enough fruit and veg – must...try...harder

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  1. Wow good for you! You're doing SO well!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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