Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday Shopping - Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil / Rituals Yogi Flow & Zensation

I am really excited to try this facial oil, I have been debating whether to get this or not for some time now. As I have oily skin it does feel like a bit of a gamble, it could go horribly wrong, but it is aimed at oily skin so let’s see what happens. I will be writing a review for sure, as it is expensive (£29) so it might help others who are debating whether to buy or not. 
I fancied trying some Rituals products too; I have never tried any and I am intrigued. I bought two of the shower foams, Yogi Flow & Zensation as both smell lovely. I do tend to go for washes that foam/froth a lot, I just feel cleaner when using them as opposed to one that does not froth, but maybe that’s just in my head!

Have you tried any of these items?


  1. Oh the yogi Flow shower gel smells amazing and makes the skin so soft ;) xx

  2. I look forward to read the clarins review, as I've been tempted lately to get some of their productd, but need to see mire teviews before doing so!

    Also, im having a giveaway on my blig, if you' to che k it out :).

  3. I have both of those Rituals foams- the Zen I got in a Glossybox ages ago and the Yogi Flow I bought because it smells so amazing! I love using them with exfoliating gloves... my skin is so lovely afterwards! They also seem to last ages... (but then, I'm more of a bath girl than a shower fan!)

    I hope you enjoy them!

  4. I have the face oil. It is in my Night Skincare Routine on my blog :)


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