Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Almost Daily Diary #5

I had a bit of a boring day food wise, had my usual breakfast bar, soup for lunch, fruit snacks & so on. I needed a sweet treat so I tried one of Hartley's potted jellies which has less than 10 cals, if you are in desperate need for that sweet hit then I would give these a go. They come in lots of different flavours – I picked the mango & passion fruit. The only thing I would suggest is to keep it in the fridge so it is nice and cool, I left mine in the cupboard and it was a bit warm :-S they are on offer at Tesco at the mo, something like 6 for £2 so give it a try

What I ate today:

Breakfast:  Nature Valley oat bar – 198 cals, tablespoon of Linseed 50 cals

Lunch:  Tin of Heinz chicken & mushroom soup 200 cals

Snacks : 1 banana, 1 apple, 2 large snak a jacks, Jelly 10cals  200 cals

Dinner : Chicken & sweet corn soup 340 cals

Dessert: cocoa orange nakd bar - 1 of 5 a day! will talk about this tomorrow 145 cals

Total cals: 1133

Supplements: Tesco multivitamin, folic acid, cod liver oil, linseed

30 mins treadmill 50 sit ups – this treadmill session was intervals of a two minute run & then a 1 min walk.

TIP:  if you hate working out then try and take your mind off of it – I have put my Ipad on the windowsill in front of the treadmill and watch beauty vlogs! It makes the time fly and you get to catch up on the latest posts. If you do not have any equipment you can easily jog on the spot while watching them or even do something like star jumps for one minute and then one minute rest, you can use the video time as a timer, just an idea!


  1. I love the watermelon version of that jelly. So yummy. Frozen grapes are also a good snack when trying to lose weight because they take a while to eat.


    1. Good idea, I know you can buy frozen berries too which would make a good snack

  2. Whoa great job! You're really going hardcore!!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  3. Great post, thanks for the helpful tips!


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