Thursday, 9 August 2012

Label M Intensive Hair Mask

As my quest for perfect long blonde hair continues, I thought it was about time I started using a regular intensive mask. I routinely have highlights put into my hair, adding this with all the heat from hairdryers and such means that my hair is becoming dry at the ends. However I still have greasy roots which means I have to wash it every day otherwise it will look lank and generally gross. I have tried dry shampoos instead of washing everyday but they don’t work for me and I just feel manky without my daily shampoo & condition. Having combination hair can be a bit of a nightmare so I have to pick carefully when choosing an intensive treatment.
I really was not sure where to start so I asked my hairdresser what product to try and she suggested the Label M Intensive Mask. I think this was around £12 but it does last a while, I have used it 1-2 times a week for a month now and I am not even half way through the tub yet.  As this contains shea butter the smell is gorgeous, it’s the kind of smell you would get from a Bodyshop body butter and after you have used it you will occasionally get wafts of it throughout the day.
I usually apply around two 50p sizes this half way down my hair to the tips avoiding the roots and I really massage it in to make sure it is thoroughly covered. The directions are to leave on for three minutes, which I do if using this in the shower, but if I am having a bath I will leave it in until I get out of the bath. I personally prefer to leave it in longer as I have found the results to be better.
 It is easy to wash out too, in the past I have found some masks to be too rich and have found it difficult to rinse all of the product out and in turn left the hair greasy.

Over all thoughts:
Lovely smell which stays on the hair
Easy to apply & rinse
Did not make any improvements/changes in regards to hair colour
Left hair soft & manageable
A good weekly conditioner but I would not say this was an intensive mask
Would I buy again? As a conditioner – yes, but as an intensive mask treatment – No

Have you tried this mask? What are your thoughts?

Get your nose out of the way Mags!


  1. The last photo of your dog with it is so cute :) This sounds like a lovely mask, I may have to look in to it! I hate masks which leave your hair feeling greasy afterwards! xo

    1. So do I, if I buy a new hair mask and it makes my hair greasy then its unlikely I will use the rest of the pot

  2. Sounds like a great mask! I too have colour treated blonde hair so I definitely know the hardships of keeping it healthy! This mark sounds wonderful, I like that it's easy to wash out - I have tried so many masks that just stick to my hair and won't come out, yucky!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Looks lovely and the shea butter sounds nice :-)

    1. The smell really sells it to me, it would not be as nice otherwise

  4. Do you apply this after shampooing or in dry hair, I know it sounds like a silly question.

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