Friday, 17 August 2012

Almost Daily Diary #7

This is yesterdays diary which I did not get round to putting up, I probably will not do one today as it is turning out to be very similar food wise. 
The snack of the day was the Nakd choc orange bar; I love these and would eat them every day. They are made up of raw nuts, fruit and are free from all artificial nasties like gluten and are wheat & dairy free too. Really good for you but also great if you need that chocolate hit and does satisfy the craving. I have tried the other flavours such as the pecan one but I did not like it as much and tend to stick to the choc orange one. Definitely a good substitute for a chocolate bar, however my husband does not seem to think so as he says they are vile. OK so its not the same as a Mars bar, if you don’t like dried fruit then I would avoid!
Breakfast: Nature Valley oat bar 198 cals, Linseed 50 cals
Lunch: Tandoori chicken sandwhich 270 cals, baked cheese & onion crisps 152 cals
Dinner: Carrot & coriander soup 270 cals
Snacks: Nakd choc orange bar – 200cals, Banana 100cals, Strawberries 85 cals
Supplements: Multivitamin, folic acid, cod liver oil, Linseed
Drinks: 2 cups of coffee, cappuccino (tut tut) 80cals, 1 bottle of sparkling water, can of diet coke, 1 cup of tea
Total cals: 1410
Exercise: Body rock! 10 minute intense workout, ouch! I will talk about this more next time
Thoughts of the day
I am really struggling to eat my 5 a day, not because I do not want to but I just forget! Any suggestions? I think I need to get the smoothie maker out.
Is carbonated water a bad idea? I am a bit addicted to fizzy drinks, at least it’s better than coke?


  1. Hmm,sounds ery tasty.I hae a serious chocolate craving at the moment.The best is loads of water,or brushing my teeth so it stops ;)xx

  2. you're making me SOOOOO hungry!


  3. Natural mineral water hydrates just as much as still water.. too much can apparently effect the plaque on your teeth, not sure though how much that would take. I find it so much easier to drink fizzy water too!

    Lady Bear


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