Monday, 20 August 2012

The Dolly Bow Bow Awards - Cosmetic Haul Favourites

Good morning everyone!
I thought I would share my video entry for the Dolly Bow Bow Awards on my blog to see what you guys think of it! This is the second time I have uploaded a video to youtube and I think I am getting better. I really enjoy making them, not sure what that says about me if I enjoy talking to myself in front of a camera as it does feel a bit bizarre.
The category I entered is the Cosmetic Haul – although I changed mine to fit with the Saturday Shopping posts that I write weekly. I talked about my favourite products I bought and how they work well together, as I think it is useful to know what products make a good duo.
If you have not heard of Dolly Bow Bow, check out her blog here with all the links to her boutique and Youtube channel. She is a successful Youtuber who thought it would be a fun idea to give out awards to give recognition to up and coming Youtubers/bloggers.
One of the criteria to enter is that you must have between 0-25,000 subscribers and no more. Luckily, I just fit into that criteria with a whopping TWO subscribers! If you like the video, please help me out and subscribe to my channel J


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