Thursday, 30 August 2012

Almost Daily Diary #9

OK so it’s almost the end of the month, yet I have only done 8 entries into my daily diary, ooops. To be honest I forget to write them every day! Although it has kept me mindful of my goals.
So for the next month I will not be doing a daily diary as such but general notes and tips every now and again.
I have done OK over the month, however I have given into wine and chocolate! The last few weeks have been a bit stressful, we had two break in’s into the house and I started my fertility treatment so its been a bit up and down. Hopefully next month will run a little smoother!

My main focus for next month is EXERCISE. I am going to attempt Bodyrocking more frequently and also try some other work out DVDs too

Before I say goodbye to August’s almost daily diary, I have one last tip. If you are desperate for chocolate then pop a curley wurley in the freezer, it will take you ages to eat and is only 115 cals

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Botanics - Rose Water Toning Spritz / Cleansing Toner / Matifiying Gel Cream

I am a sucker for packaging and new product ideas, my husband says I am a marketing companies dream, but I just can’t help the allure of a shiny new design. While in boots my OCPD (obsessive compulsive packaging disorder) took over when I came across the new Botanics range. I have never liked Botanics before, so what’s the difference now it’s in a new packet? To be honest I never took much notice of what was in the product range before so I am not sure if the products have changed too or if it is just a re-branding?
 The whole range is currently discounted with 1/3 off in boots, so that justified buying three items to try. I needed a new toner but could not decide between the cleansing toner & the spritz, I would use these in different ways so thought I would try both. The mattifying gel also caught my eye as I thought that would make a good base for foundation on my oily skin.

Mattifying Gel Cream

The mattifying effect of this cream is pretty good, it definitely does leave the skin matte & smooth ready for make up. Personally I would only use this in the morning as it is quite light so not nourishing enough for the night time moisturise. I would suggest using a thin layer if you are putting it underneath foundation, if you put too much on then it will flake of a bit.
I do like this moisturiser, it has a fresh citrus smell and does the mattifying job and tackles shininess, however it does not feel particularly moisturising and does leave a layer like feeling on the skin as it does not absorb too deeply. Overall I do like this, it mattifys & helps with shine, but It doesn't really tackle the problem, more like mask it (which isn't necessarily bad) but I don't think I would buy another pot after this one.

The toners

Both of these toners had a similar effect, both refreshing, cleansing and tightening which I like. I didn’t however like the smell of the cleansing toner, just a bit..well..mouldy smelling?
The rosewater toner has on the other hand a lovely fragrance, exactly what you would expect from rosewater. I also liked the spray instead of the bottle, it does have a powerful spray though so you have to be careful when putting it on otherwise you will have drips down you face! Nice
It’s good for on the go too so the rosewater is the winner, I would buy this again. Sorry brightening hibiscus, it just didn’t work out this time 

Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz 150ml - £3.33
Shine Away Mattifying Gel Cream - £3.33
All Bright Cleansing Toner 250ml – not sure oops but about the same 

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Monday, 27 August 2012

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I bought this on Saturday and it is already one of my favourites. It had a positive response on my Saturday Shopping post too so I think this is a favourite across the blogosphere. I was really surprised at how easy the shades were to blend, it is a very versatile palette and you can create lots of different natural looks. I usually use shades of brown like numbers 10 & 12 below, so this was a good opportunity to use other shades and I now really love 2 & 7. It stayed put all day too so over all a success, if you do not have this palette I would recommend buying one. For £4 it is a bargain and I will be buying another different palette now too.

So here are the swatches:

Which shade do you like the most?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Shoutout

Give aways:

Blogs/websites to take note of:
  • WIMH - already mentioned this earlier in the week but I love it, lots of WIMH posts and beauty articles 
  • I should also mention the #bbloggers chats at 8-9pm on Wednesday and Sunday but I think everyone knows about this by now :)

Please only enter giveaways if you are genuinely interested in the blog & giveaway items. Following a blog for a giveaway and then `unfollowing’ after it has ended and/or multiple entries is breaking the blogger code of conduct. It’s not cool, just don’t do it OK?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday Shopping #7

I try to avoid cheap eye shadows as I always end up disappointed; however I gave in today and bought an MUA palette for £4. A lot of people are using them and say the quality is good for the price so I thought I would give it a try. I went for the Heaven and Earth palette as the colours look like the kind of shades I would wear most days. There were a couple of other MUA palettes which were even cheaper at £3 and I was tempted but I will start with this one first and see how I get on.

While in body care stocking up on some essentials, I saw a whole shelf full of the St Moriz tanning mousse and mitts. To me, that was a `come and buy me now’ signal, which I did not ignore. It cost about £5 for the mousse and mitt together; if I do not turn out orange then hopefully this will become a cheap tanning solution to add to my regime.

Overall I spent £9, (the essentials do not count) see I am a savvy spender. The fact that I am broke and waiting for payday next week has nothing to do with it ;-)


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rituals - Foaming Shower Gels - Zensation / Yogi Flow

Having read the reviews on beauty boxes by other bloggers, I have a few items on my `wish list’ that I would now like to try. One of these was the Rituals Foaming Shower Gels which I believe came in a glossy box a few months ago? So while out on my last shopping trip I popped into my local Rituals store to suss it all out. The shower foams were on a special promotion at two for around £11 or £12(don’t quote me on that I am not sure off the top of my head but it was around that figure) and apparantly they are normally £6.90 so thought I would snap it up for a little saving.

The two I went for were Yogi Flow & Zensation as I tested them in store and really liked the soft smell of Zensation and the floral scent of YF . As soon as I bought them I wanted to go home and get in the shower to test them out.
I tried Zensation first, I was surprised how a little goes a long way as it does really lather up and the smell is lovely. I then tried Yogi flow which is equally as nice and probably my favourite out of the two. They both have a creamy foamy texture which is more moisturising then other foam gels I have used before; it also creates a nice smooth surface for shaving too.

Good points:
-         Smells lush
-         Moisturising
-         Will last a long time – a little goes a long way
-         Good for shaving

Bad points:
-         The price – I have got similar results from cheaper products

I do really enjoy using these, but I am not sure I will purchase them again at the full price. As mentioned above, they are quite similar to cheaper alternatives that you can get in boots so the price does put me off a bit. However I do find them moisturising so this may sway me to buy them  again.

I have found a discount for Rituals - you get 10% off when you spend over £20:

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Almost Daily Diary #8

Here is a lovely picture of me working out, as you can see I am working very hard to tone up....OK it’s not me :-O, it’s my stunt double from the Bodyrockers website.
If you have not checked out Bodyrockers then you need to go and have a look at their workouts, especially if you need some motivation to get toned up. The idea behind it is that you work out for short periods of time but it is very intense, for example you will do intervals of 1 min at your maximum then 10 seconds rest, which will go on for about 12 minutes. There’s all different types of workouts depending on what area you want to focus on. Go and have a look, even if you do half of a workout it’s a start

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Nature Valley Oat bar – the oats and berries one for a change! 189cals, tablespoon of linseed 50cals
Lunch: Heinz special edition tin of tomato soup with a twist of chilli 236 cals 1 of 5 a day
Dinner: Weight watchers meal, broccoli, carrot, leek & cabbage, peas - forgot to take note of this doh
Snacks: Nakd choc orange bar – 198cals
Drinks: 1 ltr bottle of sparkling apple & raspberry water 20cals, two cups of coffee
Supplements: Tesco multivitamin, folic acid, linseed

Thoughts of the day
When I am a granny, I am going to be fat out of choice. I will not turn down cake. Ever.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Whats In My

I have a new favourite website. I found it while looking through blogs last night and came across it here. This lovely blogger signed up to the Whats In My Handbag site and got sent a mascara to try, and not any old crap but YSL Shocking!

The idea is to upload a picture of your handbag and its contents of beauty products onto the site, if it gets selected by the editor then other people will be able to view it and shop from it.

However you don’t have to upload or shop the bags; you can also add beauty products to your `beauty cabinet’ under two different categories - products you own already and products you want/wish list.
You can select as many `I have this already’ products to go into your beauty cabinet but you are only allowed to select 10 `I want this’ items per month, so you have to choose carefully.

Based on what you pick, or from what the most popular items are, WIMH will give out samples for selected users to try (I think this is luck of the draw) and you can read the sample review comments or if you are lucky enough to receive one you can write a review too.
WIMH also have special offers and discounts on popular items, so have a look if you are about to stock up on some beauty products you might find a discount code to use. There's also some interesting beauty articles and tips so worth a read even if you do not want to add products to the beauty cabinet.

Overall it’s really fun! I like having a nosey in other bags and it’s like pretend shopping, brilliant! I have not uploaded a bag pic yet but I am on the case....

Here is the link to sign up:

 This will say KIM TAYLOR HAS INVITED YOU (that’s meJ) If you sign up and invite other people too you will get a few freebies depending on how many people decide to join. Its free and just a bit of fun, I have not used up all of my `I want this’ items yet, I am saving them for later when you upload your bag...

*it might seem like this is a sponsored post, but it’s not, I just like this website!
*Intro pics taken from the Whats in my handbag website

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Dolly Bow Bow Awards - Cosmetic Haul Favourites

Good morning everyone!
I thought I would share my video entry for the Dolly Bow Bow Awards on my blog to see what you guys think of it! This is the second time I have uploaded a video to youtube and I think I am getting better. I really enjoy making them, not sure what that says about me if I enjoy talking to myself in front of a camera as it does feel a bit bizarre.
The category I entered is the Cosmetic Haul – although I changed mine to fit with the Saturday Shopping posts that I write weekly. I talked about my favourite products I bought and how they work well together, as I think it is useful to know what products make a good duo.
If you have not heard of Dolly Bow Bow, check out her blog here with all the links to her boutique and Youtube channel. She is a successful Youtuber who thought it would be a fun idea to give out awards to give recognition to up and coming Youtubers/bloggers.
One of the criteria to enter is that you must have between 0-25,000 subscribers and no more. Luckily, I just fit into that criteria with a whopping TWO subscribers! If you like the video, please help me out and subscribe to my channel J

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Shoutout


·       John Frieda - Sheer Blonde goodies - UK Only - closes 23/08/12

·        Mac Lipstick of your choice - international – closes 20/08/12

·        Nars blush in Orgasm - closes 27/08/12

·        17 lipstick, Barry M nail varnish, Love hearts perfume, Lush bath bomb – UK & Ireland only - closes 20/08/12

·        Mama Mio boot camp for arms - UK only – closes 22/08/12
·        Jewellery bundle – International – closes 24/08/12

·        Impress nails, 17 BB cream, Daiso lashes, Loreal lip gloss & more – International – closes 31/08/12

·        Moroccan Oil hair treatment - UK only - closes 23/08/12

·        417 Hair recovery mask - UK & Ireland only - closes 29/08/12

·        Mega makeup selection – International - closes 10/09/12

Great blogs: - I like the blog layout and Ivonne's style, see her post on an awesome pair of spiked pumps - Great outfir posts, foodies   would love this too with the cooking how to’s - love this outfit, the sunnies are mad

Please only enter giveaways if you are genuinely interested in the blog & giveaway items. Following a blog for a giveaway and then `unfollowing’ after it has ended and/or multiple entries is breaking the blogger code of conduct. It’s not cool, just don’t do it OK?

Saturday Shopping #6

I love the peplum style tops which are out at the moment, Topshop have a whole range of different colours and textiles which I had to take advantage of. I picked this grey one as I liked the mottled colours and I thought it would look good with my black shiny skinnies for a night out I have planned.

While in Boots I came across the new Botanics range, it caught my eye because it has had a packaging rebranding and it looks really good. I am not sure if the products have changed too because I have never bought Botanics before. I have run out of toner so thought I would try the Cleansing All Bright Toner and also the Organic Rosewater Toning spritz. The range has a third off at the moment so I thought why not try both! I also picked up the Shine Away Mattifying Gel/Cream moisturiser to try under my make up for a matte base.

I am looking forward to testing out the Botanics items, have you tried any of these new ones yet? What are your thoughts?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Almost Daily Diary #7

This is yesterdays diary which I did not get round to putting up, I probably will not do one today as it is turning out to be very similar food wise. 
The snack of the day was the Nakd choc orange bar; I love these and would eat them every day. They are made up of raw nuts, fruit and are free from all artificial nasties like gluten and are wheat & dairy free too. Really good for you but also great if you need that chocolate hit and does satisfy the craving. I have tried the other flavours such as the pecan one but I did not like it as much and tend to stick to the choc orange one. Definitely a good substitute for a chocolate bar, however my husband does not seem to think so as he says they are vile. OK so its not the same as a Mars bar, if you don’t like dried fruit then I would avoid!
Breakfast: Nature Valley oat bar 198 cals, Linseed 50 cals
Lunch: Tandoori chicken sandwhich 270 cals, baked cheese & onion crisps 152 cals
Dinner: Carrot & coriander soup 270 cals
Snacks: Nakd choc orange bar – 200cals, Banana 100cals, Strawberries 85 cals
Supplements: Multivitamin, folic acid, cod liver oil, Linseed
Drinks: 2 cups of coffee, cappuccino (tut tut) 80cals, 1 bottle of sparkling water, can of diet coke, 1 cup of tea
Total cals: 1410
Exercise: Body rock! 10 minute intense workout, ouch! I will talk about this more next time
Thoughts of the day
I am really struggling to eat my 5 a day, not because I do not want to but I just forget! Any suggestions? I think I need to get the smoothie maker out.
Is carbonated water a bad idea? I am a bit addicted to fizzy drinks, at least it’s better than coke?
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